Sisterhood Agenda


5 Tips to Find a Mentor

These tips to find a mentor would have been very helpful to me when I was younger and earlier in my chosen career.  Yes, we are the best:  fly, successful, and awesome. But,  sometimes we could use some guidance.  And, it’s amazing to recognize your need for mentoring.

The need for mentoring does not stop as you age and grow. 


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Global Educational Empowerment for 100,000 Girls

OUTREACH & EDUCATION:   Global Girls Empowerment!

The spirit of sisterhood must be the foundation of any  empowerment movement for women and girls.

Sisterhood Agenda implements sisterhood mentoring programs such as A Journey Toward Womanhood, SHE:  Sisters Healthy & Empowered, Sister Circles, and SisterCamp and creates educational tools like Girls Guide,


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Creating the Ultimate Sisterhood by Mentoring Women in Business

Sisterhood: Women in business mentoring and supporting each other

With the growing trend of women empowerment, the path
to gender equality and economic freedom is “sisterhood.”

The need for women in business to associate themselves with sisterhood exists because if they do not do so, they are not likely to rise above the male dominance that has been triumphing in the world of entrepreneurship,


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