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Women’s Empowerment

Disasters and Horrible Effects on Women

Disasters and their effects on women are not often explored or discussed. Many of us, our friends and families, are being affected.  After doing my research, there is no doubt that women are more affected by disasters than men. For example, after Cyclone Nargis in 2008, 61 percent of fatalities[…]

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How Women Can Stay In Power

Being IN POWER is a state of mind.  Women often have a lifetime of struggle to achieve personal and collective power, including a fair amount of girlhood trauma.   Women often ask me, how can I achieve personal power to become more empowered?  Here are 7 ways how women can stay[…]

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Celebrating Sisterhood: We Did It!

At Sisterhood Agenda, we want to thank you all for sharing our 25-year anniversary gathering with class and style on November 16, 2019.  We were bathed in light and honored by your presence. SISTERHOOD OF GREATNESS AWARD WINNERS Here are just a few highlights from the gathering: Photo credit:  Michael[…]

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