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Women’s Empowerment

Not Letting Others Steal Our Joy

Not letting others steal our joy means staying firm and committed.  It means being aware of what is going on around you. Not letting others steal our joy is knowing who you are and who you are not.  It means defeating negativity as soon as you know it’s there.  It means coming together with those of like mind and spirit to be strong.


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Women’s History Month-Amplify Powerful Women

Women's History Month Sisterhood Agenda

During Women’s History Month, Sisterhood Agenda’s Instagram will highlight the multi-faceted achievements made by women in various fields and sectors of life.

It’s a time to recognize their resilience and the advancements made towards gender equality. From pioneers in STEM to influential figures in the corporate world and government,


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Celebrating Angela D. Coleman: A Beacon of Leadership and Empowerment

Celebrating Angela D Coleman

Celebrating Angela D. Coleman in the spirit of recognizing the remarkable contributions of women in our community, we are thrilled to announce that Angela D. Coleman has been nominated for the prestigious Baltimore County Commission for Women awards. This nomination is a testament to Angela’s unwavering dedication and impactful work in championing the interests and needs of women and families in Baltimore County.


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Celebrating Community, Connection, and Support: A Sisterhood Agenda Success Story

Sisterhood Agenda celebrating community success story middle river

Celebrating community at an event on Friday February 16, 2024 that brought together residents and local businesses in a powerful display of unity and support for the Williams Estates & Peppermint Woods Community in Middle River, Maryland, next to Sisterhood Agenda’s PARKS Holistic Housing development. Sisterhood Agenda gives gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. 


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Fast Growth for Natural Hair

Fast Growth for Natural Hair Sisterhood Agenda

If you are looking for fast growth for natural hair, you’ve found the best article for your goal! Read more below about what to do to promote fast growth for natural hair.

Go chemical-free

To promote fast growth for natural hair, it is important to prioritize the use of all-natural hair care products and avoid the harmful effects of chemicals.


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Racism Increases Health Problems and Disease

Sisterhood Agenda Racism increases Health Problems And Disease Article

Racism increases health problems and disease leading to health disparities, higher incidents of debilitation, and premature death.

Being Black is a risk factor

Health disparities are real, impacting individuals, families, and our communities.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) describes health disparities as “preventable differences in the burden of disease,


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