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Our Sister Circles Video Shows You How to Do It Right

Sister Circles are awesome!  Do you want to start your own Sister Circles?  Great!  Sisterhood Agenda offers training to maximize success.  Here is a video that will help you get started: 0shares Facebook0 Twitter0 Pinterest0 LinkedIn0 Tumblr Email0 Subscribe Your Email (required) Your Message (optional) Join Sisterhood Agenda’s Global Network[…]

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How to Be a Sister

Do you know how to be a sister?  Being a sister means being there for other women and girls who need you. Sisterhood is a bond between women who share common goals and can come together to move the agenda forward. We all need support.  By working on yourself and encouraging[…]

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Fight Bullies By Being Yourself

Do you know a bully? I know several.  We are all uniquely created with different fingerprints, hair textures, and personalities.  Bullies often try to dominate through forced conformation.  They pick on people who they think are vulnerable, different, and even a bit weird.  Because you are not like them and[…]

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