Sisterhood Agenda

Women’s Empowerment

Empowering Women to Better Our Future

Empowering women Sisterhood Agenda

Empowering women to better our future-this is what Sisterhood Agenda is all about.

The nonprofit organization, Sisterhood Agenda, based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area, focuses on empowering women and girls on a national and global level by creating a collective spirit for women formed through their online network.


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3 Types of Men?

3 types of men Sisterhood Agenda

Are there only 3 types of men?  According to a new University of British Columbia study, yes, there are only 3 types of men.

It seems unbelievable, of course, given what we know about gender norms, socialization, stereotypes, and gender fluidity.

Why only 3 types of men? 


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How to Spot Passive Aggressive Emails & Texts

Sisterhood Agenda passive aggressive emails texts

Passive aggressive people are negative but express their negatively indirectly through their behavior instead of directly.  That’s sneaky!

Emails and texts are short, but may not be so sweet. Passive aggressive behavior is mean and malicious without being openly confrontational:

Think about combining both hostility and avoidance at the same time.


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How to Incorporate Daily Self-Care Into Your Life

Daily self-care Sisterhood Agenda

Let’s imagine daily self-care when we talk about self-care.  What’s the difference? When we think about self-care, we often think about taking a break from work or going on vacation. What if I told you self-care can be more than that?  Let’s focus on daily self-care.

Daily self-care is the art of taking care of yourself to restore or boost your well-being. 


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High School Tips for Freshmen

Sisterhood Agenda high school tips for freshman

These are high school tips for freshmen, or what we call in more gender-neutral language, first-year students. 

When you graduate middle school, it can be nerve-racking to think about what high school would be like or what YOU would be like.

High school is the last four years of primary school and oftentimes,


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