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Happiness- The Art of Being Happy

the art of happiness sisterhood agenda

Happiness- the state of being happy. 

Being happy or achieving happiness is something that too few people enjoy. Not everyone has the same “type” of happiness.  One person’s is not the same as the next person.  For example, I may be happiest when playing soccer and you may be happiest reading a book.


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Decision-making: Life’s Blueprint

Decision-making life's blueprint Sisterhood Agenda

Decision-making is known as “life’s blueprint” because they are the plans and blueprints for your whole life. There are 2 types of decision-makers:  those who make their decisions based on their future and those who base their decision on the present. 

What is decision-making? 

Decision-making is the thing that you do as a person that helps to determine your future.


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Sisterhood Agenda’s Community Giveaway and Garden Expo Success

Sisterhood Agenda The Sustainable Garden Project

During Sisterhood Agenda’s last Community Giveaway, we gave away over 300-plus items of clothing and shoes, which are valued at over $20,000.  Last year we gave over five hundred items valued at over $32,ooo.  Our Community Giveaway is just one way that Sisterhood Agenda loves to help the community. 

Clothing brands we gave away

Sisterhood Agenda donation brands include:

Nike Shoes
and other brands

Sisterhood Agenda Community Giveaway Sisterhood Agenda Community Giveaway

Computer giveaway

During this year’s Community Giveaway,


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What is SisterCamp and BrotherCamp?

What is SisterCamp and BrotherCamp Sisterhood Agenda

What is SisterCamp and BrotherCamp? See what Sisterhood Agenda’s SisterCamp/BrotherCamp Summer Enrichment Program can offer your son or daughter including enlightenment, fun activities, and new experiences. 

Sisterhood Agenda’s SisterCamp/BrotherCamp Summer Enrichment Program has got you covered!

What is SisterCamp and BrotherCamp?[…]

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