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The End of Quarantine?

Sisterhood Agenda The End of Quarantine

Is it really the end of quarantine?

The national ending of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine in the United States didn’t really feel like the ending of quarantine to me. Why not?  Because people were still dying people and getting sick. People were losing their loved ones and some people have gotten mental disorders such as PTSD because of Covid and quarantine.


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How to Hibernate Like a Pro During COVID and Beyond


It is no big surprise that many of us may hibernate during the COVID-19 pandemic even more than usual.  Between health anxiety, climate change, planetary alignments, cosmic shifts, hormonal fluctuations, Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), and global social-economic-political issues, it is no wonder that many of us start to shut down socially and may even gather our supplies to plan to hibernate this winter season.


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Enjoy Your Blessings In Hard Times

woman relaxing and enjoying her blessings

Hello sisters.  Today, I ask you to do something that sounds simple but is actually difficult for quite a few. This request of mine is to enjoy your blessings.

We live in a world where people struggle to enjoy the fruits of their labor or just random bouts of good fortune that they happen to receive.


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