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The Influence of Social Media on Girls

Sisterhood Agenda Social Media and Girls

Social media and girls-what a combination!

Social media is all the hype these days, and if you don’t post a picture of something on Instagram, it’s like it didn’t happen!

The issue

Teenage girls form a large percentage of social media users, and they use it to keep up with their social circle and maintain their online appearance.


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Being Beautiful

Being beautiful

Being beautiful is more than being physically attractive or pretty.  Too often, women are judged in this very shallow way.

It’s an inner light that fills your body and can even emanate from your being into any room that you walk into.  You know it when you see it and other people notice it,


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Traveling Alone Can Empower Women

Traveling alone is a terrifying thought, especially if you haven’t done it before. Imagine:  you’ll be in a place you’re not familiar with and you don’t know anyone.  Of course, you need to make sure that you stay safe.

There’s no one to trust but yourself.

“Can I really travel alone?”


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Owning Your Sexuality is Powerful

Owning Your Sexuality is Powerful Sisterhood Agenda

Owning your sexuality is powerful and it’s not just about sex. 

It’s about accepting and embracing your female energy.  It’s about not feeling ashamed of being a woman doing a “man’s job.” It’s being confident in your own skin and not having to prove to anyone how courageous,


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Stop These 5 Beauty Stereotypes To Live Your Best Life

Stop These 5 Beauty Stereotypes To Live Your Best Life Sisterhood Agenda

We can stop buying into outdated beauty stereotypes using Sisterhood Agenda’s multicultural beauty principles.  Beauty is abundant in all of us and I encourage you all to let your unique beauty shine brightly!

Overcoming beauty stereotypes

For too long, women have been conditioned to believe in unrealistic beauty standards set by society. 


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When You Think You’re Too Much

Woman living freely.

Hello sisters! Have you ever felt like you were “too much?” Have you ever heard someone say to you, “You’re being too loud!” or “you’re getting too excited”? It just always seems that at some point, people may tell you that you’re “too much.”

I was inspired to write this post by an author by the name of Grace Valentine on Instagram.


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