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Being Beautiful

Being beautiful
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Being beautiful is more than being physically attractive or pretty.  Too often, women are judged in this very shallow way.

It’s an inner light that fills your body and can even emanate from your being into any room that you walk into.  You know it when you see it and other people notice it, too.

Being beautiful means being kind, often starting with yourself.  It means being thoughtful, empathetic and giving in spirit and deed.

When we say that a person is beautiful, inside and out, we are referring to his/her spiritual essence, a beautiful soul.  It sounds lovely, right?  Maybe you are wondering, how can I become THAT?

Getting to beautiful

#1:  Being beautiful begins with the knowledge and understanding that you are already beautiful.

Beauty starts with self-love and self-love starts with self-acceptance.  As we say with our Sisterhood Agenda women’s empowerment journal:

“Love yourself today and every day.” ♥

#2:  Knowing that you are beautiful, act like it. 

Treat yourself beautifully and surround yourself with other beautiful people, beautiful places, and beautiful things.

#3:  Demand high quality in life with appropriately high standards. 

When something does not match your spirit, choose something that does instead.  Maintain your lifestyle by demanding and expecting more.

#4:  Create, communicate, and enforce boundaries.

If people around you are not respecting your beautiful self, you can teach them how to treat you by establishing and living consistently with clear boundaries.  Enforcing your boundaries means being willing to walk away when you are not receiving added value.

#5:  Aim higher.  

In a world where many of us make daily decisions that result in just an okay or so-so result, get used to aspiring to greatness and getting awesome results.  This is true of everything you do:  what you eat, where you live, how you work, your friends, your family, your significant others, your appearance-EVERYTHING.

Good luck on your Being Beautiful journey!

Photo credit:  Alvin Lupiya, Unsplash

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