Sisterhood Agenda


How Short is Too Short?

Short shorts

In countries all over the world, many are asking this question:  “When it comes to skirts and shorts, how short is too short?” The picture above is from Germany where schools administrators are asking this very question.  For some, it depends on the generation-each generation seems to wear them shorter[…]

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Become a Woman Techmaker with Google

Women Techmakers Summit

Google is surprisingly homogeneous when it comes to hiring practices with very only 30% of its workforce comprised of women and less than 5% of Black, Hispanic, and Other (both male and female) employees: The fact remains that managers tend to hire people who look and act like themselves.  Google[…]

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What SuperGirl Looks Like


Many feminists are happy to finally see a female superhero on television. While many are applauding the increased diversity in Hollywood, CBS Network decided to create a SuperGirl who looks like the promotional picture above. In reality, SuperGirl is more likely to look like:  ALL OF US! We know that[…]

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