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Many social entrepreneurs and activists are starting their own organizations.  We support you!  Rather than view our organizations through a competitive lens, Sisterhood Agenda sees each organization as a strength, a much-needed resource that can benefit all of our communities.

In our sisterhood, there is room for everyone working with women and girls to address the issues in their own unique way, in local communities.  Together, we are stronger.

Sisterhood Agenda has over 6,000 partners in 36 countries-too many to put on one map!  Sisterhood Agenda global partners are listed in our Global Sisterhood Directory and are often featured in our articles.

“I would love to be a part of this network!”

“Would love to partner up with this wonderful organization.
We share the same goals to empower and inspire women!”

A few of our awesome global partners:

“Thank you Sisterhood Agenda.  We appreciate you and  your leadership!”

“I am looking for a long association with other organizations dedicated to uplifting young girls and teens throughout the globe!”

“This is the dream of a lifetime, keep up the good work. Thanks from the women and children of USDI Village.”

“I refuse to give up. I refuse to stop fighting. I am not ashamed to use my voice but I need all the support I can get. I hope we can work together to make the voices of victims heard and fight against victim shaming.” 

“Thank you so much for adding us to the Circle and looking forward working with the sisters around the globe. With Love, peace and gratitude!”

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