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St. John Eco Suites Are Here for Women & Girls at the SEA

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St John Eco Suites HeaderDid you ever wish you could relax by the Caribbean Sea while basking in the glorious sunshine?  When you stay at St. John Eco Suites by the SEA , this could be you.

As guests at the SEA, you will enjoy lots of eco-friendly amenities and a tropical, healing environment that is optimal for good health.  Come by yourself or with your friends. Walk to the beach, shop in town, and enjoy!

Our  eco-building was built using permaculture principles where the natural topography, form, function, and shape dictated its design.  Read more about our unique location and eco suite amenities.

Recycled, re-used, and local materials were used in the building process whenever possible. We work with St. John’s Island Green Building Association and consult with sustainability developer Monjia Belizaire, a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.  Our architect, William Willigerod, is a founder of St. John’s Island Green Building Association.

We consider:  1) logging practices, 2) carbon footprint, 3) sustainability, 4) impact on the environment, and 5) global warming gases.  Using natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free products, we increase our conscious awareness about Mother Earth and sustainability.

Our eco suites are for perfect for those who are participating in SEA: Sisterhood Empowerment Academy activities, those visiting St. John to see the island and our special guests.  Best of all, St. John Eco Suite rentals benefit women and girls around the globe through Sisterhood Agenda.


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Read more about St. John Eco Suites and see lots of pictures at



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