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Sisterhood Agenda Housing for Women
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Did you know that Sisterhood Agenda offers housing for women?  This is a little-known fact and our housing and community development projects are expanding.

You deserve the best.

Safe spaces?  Yes.  Cost-effective housing solutions specifically designed for women? Absolutely.  At Sisterhood Agenda, we take pride in our versatile housing options.

Sisterhood AGenda housing solutions are crafted with intention, aiming to create an empowering, healing environment for women.

Become a part of our expanding sisterhood today and discover how Holistic Housing living spaces align with your needs.

Housing for women:  the need

Housing for women is important. Our households need support to thrive.   Single-mom households are now the rule, not the exception, in many geographical areas.

Single-mom, female-headed households constitute the majority of family households in many states.

The pandemic has taught us that our lives can change at any moment.  There are special circumstances in which we may find ourselves in need of housing:  partner violence, sex trafficking, family responsibilities, moving, employment transition, trauma and mental health considerations, natural disasters, and the list goes on.

Some of us simply desire a comfortable, supportive, eco-friendly place to live among friends.

Housing for women:  the vision

Consistent in our commitment to educate, support, and empower women and girls around the globe, one not-so-obvious strategy in fulfilling our mission is to increase stability and quality of life by helping to meet the most basic needs of women and our families, especially the increasing need for quality, affordable housing.

With Sisterhood Agenda’s focus on women’s holistic health and wellness, we clearly see the benefits that can be derived from the creation of safe spaces.

A healthy sisterhood is an empowered sisterhood.  For some, housing for women is the answer.

Housing developments

Sisterhood Agenda honors women, their families, and Mother Nature, with our projects providing quality, sustainable, eco-friendly housing for qualified residents.  Our housing and community development projects are growing and include:

SEASisterhood Empowerment Academy and St. John Eco Suites on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands

PARKS Holistic HousingPositively Affirming Real Knowledge & Sisterhood in Baltimore County, Maryland

New Housing Site

Sisterhood Agenda Housing for Women

Sisterhood Agenda is a registered Community, Housing and Development Organization (CHDO).  What we do matters.   Did you know that where you live contributes to your health and emotional well-being?


Join our sisterhood network to receive updates about future activities.  And please don’t forget to donate to our cause.

Photo credit:  Godisable Jacob, Pexels

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