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OUTREACH & EDUCATION:   Global Girls Empowerment!

The spirit of sisterhood must be the foundation of any  empowerment movement for women and girls.

Sisterhood Agenda implements sisterhood mentoring programs such as A Journey Toward Womanhood, SHE:  Sisters Healthy & Empowered, Sister Circles, and SisterCamp and creates educational tools like Girls Guide, our how-to book series.  We encourage locally adapted, culturally appropriate, customized strategies to link thousands of our global partners and the girls they serve to one connected, conscious and enlightened global sisterhood network.

For effective program implementation, Sisterhood Agenda provides A Journey Toward Womanhood, SHE:  Sisters, Healthy & Empowered and SisterCamp training for you and your agency.  Contact us for more details.

Using a hands-on, multi-media approach rooted in the tradition of girls coming together to learn from women in their communities, Sisterhood Agenda empowers girls with knowledge, gender awareness and support.

Mentoring, peer influence, and collaboration are the general strategies employed:

With its use of technology using mobile phones, computers, blogs, videos, video conferencing, social media, webinars, meetings, conferences, plus learning software tools, the Global Educational Empowerment Project prepares girls to meet the challenges of their generation by giving them tools, awareness and knowledge to avoid negative outcomes for self-sufficiency, educational attainment, life enhancement, and ultimate success.

THANK YOU to all of our donors who gave to Sisterhood Agenda. You can also support our global girls empowerment project on Global Giving:

Global Giving

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