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10 Keys to Creating the Perfect Website for Your Cause

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Creating the perfect website for your cause is not that complicated.  However, it is not easy, either.

Are you an activist, sisterhood leader, or other agent for positive social change?  Then you know that getting support and establishing partnerships are important.  It is not wonder that your website and other aspects of your online presence are critical tools for you.

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As a remarkable human doing big things in the world, your website should reflect your unique identity and special cause(s). Knowledge empowers! With so many strategies to choose from, Sisterhood Agenda’s 10-plus years of experience have taught us valuable lessons.  Read more about Sisterhood Agenda.

We are here to help you be successful.

Your site will be worth the effort.  Here are some insights to creating the perfect website:

  1. Showcase your passion.  It will become clear from first impression where your heart is.  What you believe in and your enthusiasm can be contagious and will carry your website.
  2. Make your content dynamic.  Static websites that simply provide basic information are a thing of the past.  Blogs are popular because they are always adding new stories.  Your site should have new content added on a regular basis, as much as your time allows.
  3. Create a real website.  Social media sites alone are rarely enough to unite others around your cause.  WordPress is a simple and way to create and manage your website yourself.
  4. Secure affordable, reliable web-hosting.  Bluehost offers great compatibility with WordPress, offers a very affordable bundle of services, and has great customer service.
  5. Fact-check and use proper grammar and punctuation. Intelligent text builds credibility.
  6. Form a reliable team.  While you may start out alone, invite others to share your vision to achieve more, faster.
  7. Use awesome images.  They bring your vision to life. Include the cost for legitimate image purchases with legal licensing rights in your budget.
  8. Connect with like-minded others.  Identify potential allies and be active in forming partnerships with people who also believe in your cause.
  9. Balance head and heart.  Your site should be interesting for diverse audiences, not too academic and not emotionally unstructured, either.
  10. Be fabulous and have fun! While some tasks are more fun than others, your efforts should generally inspire you, your authentic self, and divine mission.

Good luck and let us know how Sisterhood Agenda might be able to assist you in making your dreams come true.

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