Sisterhood Agenda

How Do You Feel About Motherhood? A Poll for Mothers

Sisterhood Agenda

Motherhood is arguably the most difficult job in the world.  It is full of physical and emotional rollercoasters.  And the relationship between mothers and daughters can be incredibly complex.

Do we know how mothers really feel about being a parent?  Let’s find out.

Perhaps more importantly, we need to know how to support mothers and the children of the world.  It is up to us to respond to what we need:  family, community, economic sustainability, spirituality, health, emotional well-being, and how our own mothers raised us all factor into what it means to be a mother.  Mothers are constantly planning and making big decisions.  How can we help mothers?

By analyzing these factors, we can formulate strategies about how we can best support motherhood in the modern era.

Isn’t that what sisterhood is all about?


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