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Healing Manifestations

Sisterhood Agenda healing ACEs Trauma 101 A Journey Toward Womanhood

Have you experienced the power of healing manifestations? If you want to, you can.

Healing manifestations sisterhood agendaHealing manifestations sisterhood agenda

When you heal

When you heal, your mind is clearer; you have more energy, love, and positivity. You’re more motivated, vibrant, and alive.

More than this, you’re also more magnetic. 


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Owning Your Sexuality is Powerful

Owning Your Sexuality is Powerful Sisterhood Agenda

Owning your sexuality is powerful and it’s not just about sex. 

It’s about accepting and embracing your female energy.  It’s about not feeling ashamed of being a woman doing a “man’s job.” It’s being confident in your own skin and not having to prove to anyone how courageous,


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Enjoy Your Blessings In Hard Times

woman relaxing and enjoying her blessings

Hello sisters.  Today, I ask you to do something that sounds simple but is actually difficult for quite a few. This request of mine is to enjoy your blessings.

We live in a world where people struggle to enjoy the fruits of their labor or just random bouts of good fortune that they happen to receive.


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