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Enjoy Your Blessings In Hard Times

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Hello sisters.  Today, I ask you to do something that sounds simple but is actually difficult for quite a few. This request of mine is to enjoy your blessings.

We live in a world where people struggle to enjoy the fruits of their labor or just random bouts of good fortune that they happen to receive. In addition, many people tend to believe that these random bouts of good fortune are just too good to be true.

I want to try and help you shift that perspective today by reminding you to relax and enjoy your blessings. Also, Feel free to also check out our article about worrying for more tips! 

The Fear Of Getting Your Hopes Up

A woman in angst

Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

For a period of time, I was somebody who felt like many of the blessings I was receiving were too good to be true, or that I would receive some good fortune and then I would have to deal with trials. I felt like it something good happen to me, then the trouble was awaiting me.

This was due to social media and paying too much attention to the patterns in other people’s lives and not my own.

I really think people mistake good fortune with naivety. Maybe this is you, or someone you know. You got your hopes up in a situation, and then the outcome left you disappointed and shattered. Thus, you never want to believe that good fortune can and will happen to you. You don’t want to feel stupid, or let down ever again. Therefore, this nonchalant or anxious response you have to when something good happens in your life becomes automatic.

What’s For You, Is For You

Usually, when things come to you whether it’s by your own Merritt or a blessing fell in your lap, I like to think that it’s a sign from above that this was meant to happen to you. That it was meant to benefit you.

However, sometimes things that seem like a blessing at first end up not working out. I feel that this is just another side of the coin of life. To illustrate, that other side where you “lose” the coin toss, is the side that will mold, strengthen, and complete you.

I think this is a big part of what makes life so exciting and beautiful. That in a way, your losses aren’t complete losses. They may feel like that for a time, but you’ll come out of it a stronger, wiser, and better woman.

A confident woman who's enjoying her blessings

Photo Credit by nappy, Pexels

The other side where you “lose” the blessing,  is the side that will mold, strengthen, and complete you.

What To Do The Next Time You Feel Something Is “Too Good to be True?”

  • Assess if it’s truly too good to be true. Ask yourself “Does this actually seem fishy, or am I inadvertently self-sabotaging? There are moments in life where something isn’t all it seems. In these times, you will need to listen to your intuition and use discernment so that way you do not get yourself in a difficult situation.
  • Just revel in it. Revel in it! Be excited if you got the job after preparing so long for the interview, or if you randomly got asked out in a date by someone you’ve been eyeing. Enjoy your blessings and where you are in life.
  • We don’t have all the answers or all the control.  Instead, encourage yourself by telling yourself that you are not alone in your struggles. Also, tell yourself that you already have the tools within you to overcome adversity. With time, you’ll be able to rewire your brain to be excited and hopeful again!

To conclude, life wouldn’t progress without struggle, and life wouldn’t be fun if there were no blessings.  This realization has allowed me to relax, let go, and experience peace, and I hope this will allow you all to do the same.

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