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10 Signs You Are Having a Personal Transformation

personal transformation
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A personal transformation is not easy.  Wouldn’t it be better if you knew the specific signs to show you that you are having a personal transformation?  Then, you can see if this pertains to you now or at any other time in your life.

Why we want and need personal transformations

A personal transformation is quite a process and it often comes at a cost:  emotionally, mentally, and sometimes in very tangible ways such as the loss of a spouse, friend, or career.  It doesn’t feel good when it’s happening and it can even be quite terrifying.

Yet, it is a very necessary catalyst for great blessings.  Change is a constant and if we are on a journey of positive change and self-development, we can achieve great things.

After a personal transformation, you are empowered like never before.

When a personal transformation is happening

It’s in our nature to make progress and evolve in our journeys.  Opportunities for personal transformation happen all the time, whether you want it or ask for it, or not.

Enlightenment is empowering.

Personal transformations are often a culmination of breakthroughs that are the result of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.  It is like you are being broken down to be built back up.  Being broken down sucks.

Why a personal transformation is often difficult

The challenges are tests.  Will you open your eyes to learn the truth?  Will you act on the truths that you learn?  Are you willing and able to let go? How badly do you want to evolve?  What is our karma?  What are you willing to do to be better?

personal transformation sisterhood agenda

Photo credit:  Pexels, Wherbson Rodrigues

The signs of personal transformation

How do you know that you are experiencing a personal transformation?  Here are 10 signs:

  1. Things get really bad.  It seems sudden and intense, yet it is really the outcome of many actions and inactions on your part.  Your identity, value, and self-worth are all challenged.
  2. Your inner voice and intuition are louder and stronger.  You may have been able to suppress it before, but now you can’t.  It is commanding you to act in your own best interest.
  3. Your support system is in place.  It would be cruel to put you through changes without any help, so your support system is there to assist you with your transformation.  Choose to accept what they can contribute toward your personal growth-it will help you get through to the other side.
  4. You start having flashbacks about your past.  Memories surface about your childhood, your family, and past relationships.  You may not be sure why this is happening on an intellectual level, but it may be your spirit trying to break dysfunctional cycles and heal itself.
  5. You get emotional very easily.  Intense crying and despair, purging of emotional baggage, is not uncommon.  As a kind of catharsis, this is an important part of your transformation.  It might not seem like it at this time, but it will get better.
  6. Your priorities shift.  You are shedding old skin and previous ways.  You no longer put the same value on the things of the past as you are becoming the new you.
  7. Resources for your transformation suddenly appear.  Very quickly, you realize that you have a lot of help.  Books, films, opportunities, all that you need to complete your process… Boom!  It’s all right there.
  8. Your relationships change.  Family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, colleagues… people drop out of your life like crazy.  You may be perplexed, wondering what happened and why.  It was just part of your personal transformation where those people who are helpful remain while those hurting and hindering your progress are being discarded.  Also, they are responding to the old you and now things are different.
  9. You feel good.  Like the light at the end of the tunnel, after the turmoil of the process, you emerge stronger, wiser, and so much more capable, hence more empowered. Life is different for you from now on.
  10. You are inspired to help others.  Part of being conscious and transformed is knowing how valuable it is to be of service to others.  You feel this even more so after your own enlightenment.

What are you releasing as you prepare for your personal transformation?

Enjoy this article?  Feel free to post your comments below.

I am available to chat, if you want to explore these ideas further confidentially. Until next time, thank you for putting Sisterhood on your Agenda!

Feature image:  Pexels, RF Studio

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