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Many of us have heard about holistic health, but few of us know about holistic empowerment.  I am sharing more about holistic health here, right now.

What is holistic empowerment?

Holistic empowerment is the concept that measurable, authentic, lasting empowerment on a personal, community/group or national level is not singularly defined in one category but operates within a interrelated, systemic framework that includes economic, health, political, and social access, tools, and capabilities.

Why holistic empowerment matters

Like the mind-body-spirit holistic health paradigm, when working on one aspect of holistic empowerment, we should also work on the other aspects because they each affect each other both positively and negatively.

When we are independent and free to take care of ourselves and our families, we gain knowledge, awareness, and control in these areas, five (5) types of feminist empowerment, and beyond:

  • Social

  • Educational

  • Economic

  • Political

  • Psychological

Source:  Thrive Global

The sixth type for holistic empowerment

  • Physical

Physical is sixth type of feminist empowerment (6), an additional aspect of feminist empowerment that I believe is overlooked way too often.

I discuss the importance of physical health and emotional well-being and how to achieve it in my book, Girls Guide:  How to Relax & Let Go.

Relaxation and letting go are health management strategies that focus on stress reduction and depression prevention.  Managing your life this way helps you become and stay healthy and emotionally grounded.

How to become holistically empowered

Empowerment is a process, not a tangible thing.  We each have our own empowerment journeys that are unique to how we live in the world.  We also can learn from each other in sisterhood.

Focus on the six (6) types of feminist empowerment.  Maintain a posture of resistance against those forces that try to disenfranchise and marginalize you.

Be aware of how racism and sexism affect the empowerment process.

For more information about ethnicity and culture, there is a great paper on a holistic empowerment model for African Americans.

For more information about empowerment for women and girls, I write about the specific types of empowerment processes in the Girls Guide books that I have written, especially in Girls Guide:  How to Be a Sister.

By incorporating sisterhood, self-knowledge, self-development, and self-esteem into your life every day, you can get there.

Photo credit:  Leon Ell, Unsplash

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