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How to Be An Herbal Goddess

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Heal yourself, heal the planet

You can be an herbal goddess and this book shows you how.  Author Amy Jirsa explains the magical, medicinal, and restorative powers of 12 specific herbs:   calendula, chamomile, cinnamon, dandelion, echinacea, elder, ginger, holy basil, lavender, nettle, rose, and turmeric.

Amy goes beyond teas, foods, beauty, and bath treatments to include lifestyle practices like yoga.  Herbs and yoga?  Yes!  Ideally, for maximum impact, herbs and related activities are integrated into your daily life.

We can heal ourselves and our planet if we become more consciously aware.  Herbal knowledge is a gift of empowerment.

Herbs are important holistic health tools.  They soothe, stimulate, warm, cool, and regulate. Put simply, herbs heal.

Women healers

As women, we have traditionally been herbal healers.  Usually a woman with such highly specialized knowledge and skill is a very valuable asset in her community.  However, due to fear and concerns about power, history tells us about women who used herbs to heal and were labeled as witches, persecuted without mercy.  Modern medicine and technology replaced herbal healers for many of us at one point in time-not anymore.

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Like midwifes and other holistic practitioners, it is our desire to help others, gain individual and collective knowledge, grow and nurture, allow our natural ties to the moon and intuition to guide us.  Some of us are herbal healers without realizing that this is what we are.

Using herbs

All parts of herbs are powerful from the root to the flower. The substance and even the smells can be therapeutic.


You can make a salve from herbs, eat them, create oils with them, and boil them for drinking tea.  However, like medical doctors, herbs are powerful.  Therefore, you should educate yourself about them to avoid medical complications.

Go for it!

If you are someone who strives to live off of the land and shuns conventional pills and shots, this is a great place to get started. Do you have a garden?  Great, you are already on your way! With knowledge and training, you, too can become an herbal goddess.

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