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Internship & Cultural Exchange Program

Sisterhood Agenda internship cultural exchange

Internship + Cultural Exchange = YES!!!

Are you interested in holistic health, wellness, and healing?  Do you currently run a program or want to run a program for women or girls?  Are you ready to travel and see what being a woman or being a girl is like in different parts of the world?

Sisterhood Agenda is looking for quality representatives for our Internship & Cultural Exchange Program.

A unique opportunity to work with our team, including our Founder and President, Sisterhood Agenda interns assist with specific tasks related to our mission.

Our interns are encouraged and expected to engage in cultural exchanges with our esteemed global partners that are local, national, and international.

You can do it. We will do it together.

Learn, grow, be a part of our global sisterhood.  APPLICATION BELOW:

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    *Sisterhood Agenda, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit agency, an international NGO (non-governmental organization).

    Photo credit:  Melody Jacob, Unsplash

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