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“What I know for sure:  speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”  Oprah Winfrey

We invite you to be a special member of Sisterhood Agenda’s publishing community by sharing your story.  You can share anonymously or receive author credit.   We welcome all things SISTERHOOD!

We like to share personal stories about friendship, culture, self-love, family, achievement and success, diversity, health, healing and resiliency.  We also like fashion and beauty topics. Trending topics are fine, too.

Our readers like to read about intriguing women celebrities, girlhood to womanhood experiences, feminism, gender equality and stories that create emotional connection. Articles about courage, passion, mentoring, and overcoming the odds to be your best self are empowering.  At Sisterhood Agenda, we know that when you share your story, it can help you in your own journey and help others, too.

It may be helpful to read our articles first.  Sisterhood Agenda likes to publish unique content that has not been published anywhere else.  We will give your story our most thoughtful consideration and contact you if we think we can publish it.

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