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Girls Guide: How to Find and Choose the Right One


The ONLY relationship book for women to heal, let go of the past, and love again. 

Are you trying hard to get out of that toxic relationship and ready to find your true love? Look no further than Girls Guide: How to Find & Choose the Right One. Written by Sisterhood Agenda Founder and President, Angela D. Coleman, this ready-to-follow guide is designed to empower women to rule their love life like a queen.

It’s not just about finding a partner but understanding your own needs and desires. Filled with love and care, this is the best relationship book for single ladies to discover their ideal partner while working on themselves.
What Will You Find Inside This Relationship Book?

  • Tried and tested strategies to attract the right one for you
  • An understanding of who the “right one” for you is and how to recognize them
  • How to use your power of choice to find someone who will love, respect, and cherish you
  • Insight into how to identify and overcome common relationship issues
  • Inspiration to take control of your love life
  • Dialogues, questions, and exercises to reflect on your own needs and wants.
  • Ways to recognize the red flags in a new relationship

Don’t settle for anything less than true love.

Get ready to say goodbye to bad relationships and hello to true love with this love and relationship book for women, made especially for you.

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According to Angela D. Coleman:

“We are all looking for stable, loving, relationships. While there are some women who claim that they love the single life, we are all social beings in an interconnected universe who often crave the love of an understanding and committed partner. This Girls Guide will show you how to use strategy and your power of choice to find and choose a partner who will love, respect, and cherish you.”


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