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Girls Guide: How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever


It is no secret that many women are overweight. However, we don’t have to be a statistic.

Many of us want to lose weight to be healthy, however, we don’t know how. You will lose weight and keep it off with the guidelines in this important Girls Guide.


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Angela D. Coleman

Angela, Founding President of Sisterhood Agenda, is a sisterhood activist, publisher and author.

With all the available information about weight loss, your weight loss journey can be overwhelming. This book is not a gimmick or a fad and the tips within it are designed to aid the reader in their weight loss goals, not just for a season, but for life. Unlike information that might focus exclusively on weight loss gimmicks, Girls Guide: How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever will provide guidelines to help you lose weight physically, but will also help you get ready to make changes in your life, adapt to your progress, and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Simple, straight-forward with specific recommendations regarding detoxification and cleansing, food intake, drink suggestions, and exercise, it will empower anyone inspired to shed pounds quickly in a manner that can be easily integrated into most people’s lives to last forever.

With inspiration, information, and clear how-to steps, the author, Angela D. Coleman, was a Jr. Olympics champion in high school, a collegiate athlete, and a nutrition adviser for college students at Princeton University. Angela is no stranger to the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight throughout her adult life and she has successfully maintained her weight throughout her adult life. She perfected her holistic approach to lose weight after childbirth. Angela creates and implements trauma-informed health and empowerment programs through her Sisterhood Agenda sisterhood initiatives.

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