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Top 7 Tips for Chilling Out

7 tips for chilling out Sisterhood Agenda Angela D Coleman
Angela D. Coleman
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Tips for chilling out are essential for reducing stress, grounding yourself, and maintaining inner peace and emotional stability.  This is especially important for women’s health.

What’s great about these suggestions is that you can use tips for chilling out at any time, anywhere you want to.

You don’t need to be distressed, stressed, or burned out to use these top 7 tips for chilling out.  You can today, right now.

Tips for Chilling Out #1:  Release anxiety

A peaceful state can be hard-earned. For most of us, it doesn’t just happen. By incorporating peaceful habits into your daily life, each day, one by one, you are building your peaceful lifestyle. It’s a choice you make. Every. Day.

When you have achieved inner peace, you have everything you need to fulfill your dreams and the capacity to start anew. Every second is literally a new beginning.

Know that the Universe will always take care of you. This knowledge can bring you comfort and peace too.

We all breathe. In, out, in, out. Do this: Breathe in joy, breathe out tension. Breathe in opportunities, release anxiety. Breathe in dreams, release disappointment.

Tips for Chilling Out #2:  Reclaim your energy

Feeling tired lately? Where is your energy? You can reclaim your emotional, physical, and mental vitality. Call it back to you now.

Technology can be demanding. People too. You’ve got an obligation to optimize your health. You have the right to disconnect and make yourself less available. Women in business often feel the pressure to reply to an email immediately, respond to a customer inquiry immediately, and produce a requested document immediately.

Empowered women have no masters.

That “right now” energy they want from you is the same energy that you need for yourself. So, take it back and stop giving it away so easily. Stay vigilant and self-aware to resist their demands.


Tips for Chilling Out #3:  Protect your heart

Your heart is sacred. How would you describe this space? What does it feel like to give and receive from here? Does this space have a color? A physical sensation?

The Anahata or heart chakra is the fourth chakra, according to Hindu Yogic, Shakta, and Buddhist Tantric traditions. In Sanskrit, anahata means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.” The heart chakra is associated with love, balance, calmness, serenity, compassion, and forgiveness. When it is in a weakened or unbalanced state, we fail to give love fully and completely, and we are unable to fully and completely accept love, including self-love.

You can protect your heart, not with a barbed wire barrier but with a ring of white, pink, and yellow light that you visualize in your mind’s eye.  Your protection will become an aura so bright, strong, and beautiful that only the truly worthy would even dare try to enter it.

Tips for Chilling Out #4:  Use natural healing

Natural healing is the best form of therapy. Nature helps you heal and realize that you are never alone in the world. A natural environ-ment helps you feel your feelings rather than repress them.

Women who like animals are also in tune with nature.

Nature is the epitome of feminine power. In nature, you can be free! Don’t hesitate to surround yourself with Her glory. Put plants in your room. Observe them, feel the leaves, smell them, and consciously acknowledge that they are thereby complimenting them on their shapes, colors, and textures. Better yet, go outside and look at the sky. Breathe deeply, in and out several times. Touch your toes. Do some twists. Stretch your body, hold your hands to the sky, then plant your feet firmly in the ground. Feel the difference this special moment creates. It feels so good, and the best thing is: You can do it every day, whenever you want.

Tips for Chilling Out #5:  Absorb joy and gratitude

When we choose joy, we focus on the good parts of our experiences, which are plentiful, instead of the pain experienced when things did not go our way. By absorbing joy, we set ourselves up for smiling. Did you know joy is a life skill? And smiling is contagious.

We all have good stuff going on in our lives. And sometimes we hit a rough patch in our journey. By focusing on the good things, identifying positivity in our everyday lives, we can feel better more often, thus absorbing joy. There is wonder everywhere, which means joy is everywhere too!

By keeping your well of joy and gratitude full, you can keep anxiety and depression further away, moving quickly through any challenges that come your way. Health and relaxation are waiting for you.

Tips for Chilling Out #6:  Beautify your life

Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. To be elegant and sexy, we must be healthy: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Holistic health helps you be even more beautiful. Chilling out helps you stay that way.

Metaphysically, beauty evokes strong, positive energy vibrations that have physical effects on our biological bodies. I would argue that beauty, love, and touch are not simply desired to enrich our lives—they are essential to our health and emotional well-being. This is especially true during times of crisis but also consistent with how we, as human beings, generally operate.

Touch, beauty, and love are as necessary as breathing.

Love yourself to invest in you, especially your beauty. Insist on beautification. It is what you deserve.

Tips for Chilling Out #7:  Soothe yourself

Where you find comfort and peace is your sacred space. In this space, you can take good care of yourself and protect your psyche from external chaos. You can do this anywhere and anytime when you know how to soothe yourself.

Amazingly, we have the power to soothe ourselves by what we say to ourselves and how we say it. So, revisit your words. The way that we talk to others is important but not as important as how we talk to ourselves. A soothing statement or affirmation can soothe you in unimaginable ways. Positive self-talk like this changes your brain waves and creates happiness, even during times of grief and darkness. So simple, yet so powerful and effective. It is soothing self-talk that you can rely on to lift yourself up at any time. Repeat as needed.

Affirmation:  I soothe myself during stressful times and do it regularly to maintain my comfort and balance.

Excerpted from THE ART OF CHILLING OUT FOR WOMEN by Angela D. Coleman. Copyright © 2023 by Angela D. Coleman. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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