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10 Ways to Celebrate the Significance of Motherhood

Angela D. Coleman
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Mothers are everything! Our team at Sisterhood Agenda wants to wish everyone, especially our mothers, Happy Mother’s Day.

Knowing that this designated day can trigger complicated emotions for some, we want to highlight the aspects of being a mother that we need to embrace right now to make our world a better place. As our global consciousness expands, so should our ideas about motherhood.

Like Women’s International Day and other holidays, Sisterhood Agenda acknowledges them on those days, yet we place emphasis on celebrating the undercelebrated EVERY DAY.

  1. Mothers give us life.  Just as Mother Earth gives birth to the planet, literally and figuratively, we all come from  mothers.
  2. Mothers protect us. We need guidance as we navigate new worlds and mothers can be our designated angels.
  3. Relationships with mothers can be complicated.  When you evolve, you realize more about your mother’s path.  This enlightenment can contribute to many new insights.
  4. Mothers are strong.  Mothers have to be strong in order to do what they do.
  5. Mothers are bold.  There are many ways to be a great mother.  We are moving beyond tradition and opening our minds to the endless possibilities.
  6. Mothers are tenacious when united for a cause.  When mothers are outraged, look out! When they mobilize and demand change, it can happen quickly.
  7. Motherhood extends beyond the biological.  Simply giving birth does not make one a mother.  It is the spirit and life force of caring and transcendance that makes the difference.
  8. You can have more than one mother.  Think about the teachers and guardians that you have protecting and nurturing your development.  They are your mothers, too.
  9.  Mothers do not have to be female.  Just as men can put Sisterhood on the Agenda, men can and often do, help others in the role of mothers.
  10. Mothers do not always get proper recognition.  Let’s honor our mothers not just today, but every day!

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