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Find Your Brilliance Using the Sisterhood Manifesto

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Continuing our one-on-one interview with Blanche A. Williams, MS, we learn more about the Sisterhood Manifesto, appropriately titled the Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto:

 What is the Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto designed to do?
The Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto is a core value system designed to be used as a guide and “manifestation mantra” to assist women and girls on their journey to attain their highest potential and greatest possibilities. Sisters will embrace their ability to forge ahead together as innovators of a renewed consciousness by challenging themselves and embracing one another.

“We must pledge to peel away the layers of mediocrity that mask our brilliance so that we may reveal the luminosity within that will guide our path to true freedom.”

Within the sisterhood, we accept that we are our sister’s keeper.
Within the sisterhood, we transcend stereotypes by transforming the landscape.
Within the sisterhood, we find unity, friendship, encouragement, guidance, and love.

How can we all incorporate the Sisterhood Manifesto principles into our daily lives?
The 10 Affirming Principles are instructional and aspirational.  Whenever you start something new in your life, intent and focus are important to make any meaningful mindset shifts or behavior changes.

If you can commit to incorporating at least one aspect of a principle on a daily basis, it will transform the way you think about and live your life.

  • Start by reading and reflecting on one principle throughout the course of one day. Increase principles slowly based on comprehension, understanding and enlightenment. Don’t rush, learning is life-long and mastery takes focus.
  • Throughout the course of the day and/or at the end of the day write in a journal/notebook about your thoughts. Write without judgment or expectation.
  • Share with another sister(s). The buddy-system is powerful when you choose to share with like-minds and life-achievers. Be there to challenge and build confidence with one another.
  • Start a conversation/discussion about how it makes you feel and what it means to you. It may challenge your current thought process or reality, but exploration is healthy and can lead to new personal revelations and discoveries.

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