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How to Put Sisterhood on Your Agenda

Putting Sisterhood on the Agenda
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There are many ways to show that you respect and appreciate yourself as a woman, and maybe you are still on this journey, but do you know how to put sisterhood on your agenda on a daily basis?

Sisterhood is gender consciousness, a healthy expression of love and appreciation for other women.


By extending your self-love and self-respect to other women, you are helping us all.  Together, we can make progress and move forward.

Put Sisterhood on the Agenda

Here are a few suggestions on how you can put Sisterhood on your Agenda every day:

  1. Heal yourself.
  2. Tell women that they are smart and beautiful.
  3. Choose women-owned businesses for products and services that you buy.
  4. Teach girls to support and uplift each other.
  5. Support nonprofit agencies that focus on issues facing women and girls.
  6. Acknowledge the pervasive challenges that women of color face on a daily basis.
  7. Share empowering information about health and finances with other women.
  8. Hire and promote women and pay them what they are worth.
  9. Be a mentor.
  10. Engage in bonding activities with women, for example, exercising or Sister Circles.
  11. When women succeed, be happy for them.
  12. Join a sisterhood collective.
  13. Create a sisterhood tribe.
  14. Love and embrace the power of femininity.
  15. Share resources with women who are less fortunate than you.
Put Sisterhood on the Agenda
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Supporting, caring, sharing….  There are many ways to be sisterly! Share your stories with us in the comments below or follow this link.

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