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Sure, being a teenage girl can be difficult.  There are a lot of big changes going on.  Who guides our girls as they transition into womanhood? Sisterhood Agenda does!

If you work with teenage girls and you want to help them become strong, independent women, you need this guide.

At Sisterhood Agenda, we have been implementing the award-winning, evidence-based A Journey Toward Womanhood program for over two decades. Updated and rebooted for today’s global girls, A Journey Toward Womanhood promotes sisterhood, women’s support and empowerment while promoting positive self-concept, self-definition, holistic health, life skills, mental well-being and more.

Featuring 14 detailed lessons and over 100 pages of engaging activities, the A Journey Toward Womanhood Curriculum Guide With Student Workbooks is trauma-informed.

  • Program implementation, tracking, control group
  • Evaluation results published in Adolescence
  • Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programs federal demonstration project
  • Office of Minority Health federal demonstration project
  • Updated scaling and replication with global expansion

Evaluation materials are included.  Sisterhood Agenda recommends A Journey Toward Womanhood training.  Contact us for details.

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I am sharing a few of our testimonials:

“Knowledge, support and self-esteem are crucial.  My daughter benefited tremendously from the program and I am certain that others will benefit as much or more.  I wholeheartedly support this program as a model program.”
Mr. Womble, Middle School Principal

“Working with girls as a liaison, my girls left other programs without finishing them. A Journey Toward Womanhood is the first that the girls had ever completed.”

Ms. B, Community Center Director 

“Sisterhood Agenda gave a complete overview and a detailed understanding of the curriculum.  There was considerable dialogue, which stimulated analytical and evaluative thought processes. By the end of the training, I felt well-prepared and eager to start.”
Ms. Shabazz, Teacher/Mentor  


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