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A Journey Toward Womanhood



Who guides our girls as they transition into womanhood? We do.

At Sisterhood Agenda, we have been implementing the award-winning A Journey Toward Womanhood program for over two decades. Updated and rebooted for today’s global girls, A Journey Toward Womanhood promotes sisterhood, women’s support and empowerment while promoting positive self-concept, health and wellness, life skills, and success.

Featuring 14 detailed lessons and over 100 pages of engaging activities, the A Journey Toward Womanhood Curriculum Guide With Student Workbooks is the most useful tool that any teacher, mentor, service provider, and community leader can have when it comes to empowering our teenage girls.

Unique concepts included in A Journey Toward Womanhood: self-definition, critical thinking of media, trauma-informed sessions, history and heritage, self-care, nutrition and fitness, plus more.

Evaluation materials are included.  For effective program implementation, Sisterhood Agenda offers A Journey Toward Womanhood training for you and your agency.  Contact us for details.

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