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At Sisterhood Agenda, we want you to be FREE!  That is what social enterprise is all about.  Our founder, Angela D. Coleman, is a social entrepreneur who uses traditional business practices for social good: sisterhood!

What is social enterprise david mcg

According to Wikipedia, social enterprise is:

“an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being—this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders.”

For us, social enterprise is not a new concept.  Sisterhood Agenda has been doing it since 1998!  Learn more here and here.


It’s not always easy.  Sometimes, there can be confusion about the legal technicalities.  Fortunately, we have wonderful advisors.  Everyone on our team is committed to the process and open to learning how this practical concept benefits nonprofits like Sisterhood Agenda, Inc.

Our empowerment processes at the SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy include income-generating strategies for economic sustainability.  Read more about the SEA.When you purchase Girls Guides and aromatherapy products from our shop, stay at our eco suites on St. John, browse our selection of resources, and donate to our cause, you are helping women and girls around the globe in the spirit of sisterhood.


Unrestricted, self-generated funds allow us to be innovative in our mission, work processes, and service delivery.

We can use our 20-plus years of experience and expertise working with women and girls to create solutions to issues that affect us where we live but we can also collaborate and offer support to the causes that thousands of our global partners hold close to their hearts.  This type of freedom positively impacts all of us.

Are you using social enterprise practices at your agency?  Please share below.  Thank you for your support!

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