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Empower Women And Girls in 10 Simple Ways

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Empower women and girls in your own simple ways. We’ve listed our suggestions on how you can become a sister.

What is women’s empowerment?

Women empowerment includes efforts aimed at encouraging young girls and women with a mentality of can-do instead of can’t-do.

It is building an environment where women have a voice and they are being heard and respected.

What does women empowerment look like in day-to-day life?

When it comes about gender equality, we have come a long way. From women in politics to women CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, women today are more connected and revved up for each other than before.

You can see the sisterhood on women these days.

There’s a power in collective, and as women, we gather and support one another.

And when we are all united in sisterhood, we are a powerful force.

We’ve researched how women can empower each other on a day-to-day basis.

1. Offer support to all women.

Support other women, even if they look or seem that they have it all together. We all have that one friend who maintains a strong facade, but we don’t really how she truly feels.

Every day, we see women successful in their chosen careers and living happy lives.

But we cannot just assume that everything’s great. Never assume which of your friends need the most support.

Check-in on your friends, even the happiest one. They are still at high risk for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

2. Compliment her entirety.

Women get a lot of comments about their physical appearance. It would be better if a woman gets complimented of her traits, talents, or her intelligence. We all love to hear how brilliant we are.  It empowers us and gives us confidence that we can use in our respective careers.

Getting compliments that I am a strong and kind individual feels better than getting a compliment about my hair, which is a bit superficial.

A compliment about one’s character goes a long way.  Most women would remember it for a long time.

3. Always be there to lift up other women.

Empower women and girls by lifting them up in certain situations, such as speaking roles or leadership teams. Lend a helping hand for someone who deserves to be heard.

A true sister supports and has no room for insecurity.  You will be happy for a sister’s victory.

Empowering sometimes means that sometimes you need to step back and allow someone else to have the spotlight.

4. Empower women by becoming a member of groups that benefit women.

Online groups- If there’s a boys club, you can have your very own girl’s club. You can share your life experiences, for example, how you survived a great ordeal, or how you negotiated a strong maternity package, or warn other women about an issue of importance.

Treat it as a safe haven for women and girls alike.

Spreading helpful intel on how to be successful in each other’s careers is a surefire way of empowering other women.

Groups that cater to the needs of women and children in need- There are many all-women groups that help other women, such as abused women and children on shelters.  And charity groups that cater to the needs of women in developing countries. You could be helping a lot of women around the world.

5. Talk about your periods.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Okay, this might sound a little weird, but talking about our bodies to other women is empowering.

The best way to fight against this stigma is to be open; share information about our bodies, sexualities, desires, and our periods.

Talk to your friends about periods, ask them what they use during a period or if they experience pain. And tell them about yours too.


“I think it’s the worst thing that we do to each other as women, not share the truth about our bodies and how they work. Michelle Obama

6. Empower women by investing in women-run businesses.

Research shows male business owners make more than female business owners. So, if you have friends or you know anyone who has a small business, support them instead of asking for discounts just because you know each other.

Invest your hard earned money on competent women who are making a stand.

Support other women’s work.  When you see other women who are trying to make an impact, trying to be heard, trying to make a decent living, support them.

Women struggle to be heard and to put themselves out there. It takes courage and dedication to work on something. It could either be a book or a business. Help a girl out and deliver their message across.

7. Disagree without being rude.

We all have different views and there are times where we would all disagree. And certainly, there’s a point in our life where someone dismisses us. Like this scene from Sex and the City 2 where Miranda always gets shut down by her male boss, putting his hand up when she’s trying to prove a point.

Let’s not be like that to one another. Let’s hear each other out even if we don’t agree with one another. Respect the person’s intelligence before sharing your point of view.

8. Don’t be competitive with other women.

Photo Credit:

Don’t be an “Alpha Female” a “Queen Bee” when you have a group of friends.  It’s like saying “You can’t be me, so don’t compete with me.” It’s also like Regina George in Mean Girls and you don’t want to like her.

“Stealing the spotlight from another person does not make you more popular or likable.”

This is true in most social situations:  there are women who are always out to compete. Life is not a race. Even when it comes to the topic of formula feeding and breastfeeding, I’ve seen other women shame other moms who were not able to breastfeed their young. It makes them feel superior that they were able to breastfeed and others haven’t.

Instead of shaming them, support their decision. Formula feeding does not make you less of a mom; not feeding your kid does.

9. Support moms who are dealing with their kids.

Photo Credit: Arkady Chubykin, Adobe Stock

We’ve all seen this:  in the supermarket or in restaurants when you’re having a peaceful meal or on a long haul flight, kids are kids and they misbehave one way or another.

Instead of getting mad and complaining to the parents, why not lend a helping hand? Maybe the woman in the supermarket is carrying five grocery bags and her baby is colicky. Maybe that kid on the plane is uncomfortable or scared.

Try to be more understanding, even if you’re not yet a mom.  It can be difficult to understand when you don’t parent kids on your own but imagine the struggle.

10. Encourage other women to accept compliments.

Encourage each other to thank sincere compliments.

Accept it! Own it! If you do this, you embrace the fact that you are what these compliments say you are. It gives you a confidence boost.

Shying away from compliments is somehow seen as being well-mannered.  Just say thanks and don’t let it get to your head  😉

Through this, we help one other recognize each other’s greatness.

In summary:  empower women and girls by being a sister, by lending a helping hand, lending your ear to listen to their voice and investing the time and effort to support them.

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