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Traveling Alone Can Empower Women

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Traveling alone is a terrifying thought, especially if you haven’t done it before. Imagine:  you’ll be in a place you’re not familiar with and you don’t know anyone.  Of course, you need to make sure that you stay safe.

There’s no one to trust but yourself.

“Can I really travel alone?”

I asked myself this question maybe a hundred times before I decided to do it. The thought of leaving my daughter and my husband for ten days was something I’d never do if you asked me months ago.

Photo Credits: Daria Shevtsovam, Pexels

But I know in my heart that I NEED THIS, so off I went to an unfamiliar place.  And surprisingly, it’s not as scary as I thought it would be!

If you’re married like me and used to live alone when you were single,  I’m sure you miss the feeling of being independent.  Having your own family, kids, and friends means you hardly ever get to be alone.

It’s not that you want to be alone but at one point in your life, you need to find joy in your own company.

For some of us, we may not have a choice because we travel for work, business, or school. Bear in mind that as long as you are brave and willing to take any challenge and actually enjoy it, traveling alone will be a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Here’s why traveling alone empowers women:

You will regain your self-confidence when you learn to decide for yourself.

No one will tell you where and what to eat for lunch or dinner or what places do you have to see for the day.

On the first day, it may be tough, terrifying in fact, but once you get through the first day, it will feel amazing.  You will realize YOU ARE STRONG, after all.

You’ll find the strength within you, strength you didn’t know you have. At first, it may be overwhelming.  You may have many choices, so many that you may even get confused.

Here’s the thing:   it’s just YOU! Whether you take the wrong bus or another one, it will turn out to be an adventure. Just commit to a decision and stick to it.

You’ll learn to enjoy your own company.

Before, I was always dependent on the company of others to make me happy.  I realized that you need alone time, a time where you can hear your own thoughts and reflect upon your life – your present, and your future.

Or, spend time with yourself just have a break from the pressures of society and from your responsibilities.

By learning to enjoy your own company you will begin to listen to WHAT YOU NEED at this time.

If you want to be happy, learn to be alone without being lonely. Learn that being alone does not mean being unhappy. The world is full of plenty of interesting and enjoyable things to do and people who can enrich your life.-Michael Josephson

Once you’ve tried being alone and discovered how much you enjoy your own company, you will crave it.

It also improves your creativity. Also, overcoming the fear of being alone builds your character!

Conquering the fear of being alone is one of the most liberating feelings you will ever experience.  It is the best feeling in the world when you know you are confident with yourself – that you have the courage and skills to help you survive and have fun by yourself.

When I was in a foreign country alone, my first time. I was only relying on Google maps and on my personal research. I walked for hours and hours to reach a destination.  it was so hot and I was tired and hungry.
When I reached the destination, I cried. They were tears of joy. It was so beautiful, I forgot all about my exhaustion.
Photo Credits:  Victor Freitas, Pexels
The moment was surreal.

Traveling alone makes you realize that you can trust yourself.

You will learn to trust your instincts and be in tune with yourself and why you make the decisions you make.

As mentioned above, traveling alone builds your character.  Making decisions and finding yournown way will help you make decisions faster, with more authority and conviction.

If before you didn’t trust yourself when making a decision, after traveling alone, you will. Without a doubt.

But you should take caution:  be alert when you travel alone. It is indeed empowering but there are also dangerous places for women to go alone and you should know about those places before deciding to go on a trip.

You also have to be wary about scammers and snatchers because they are everywhere, especially in places filled with tourists.

In my opinion, one of the safest places for women to travel alone is Singapore. What to do there is for another article.

You’ll prove people wrong.

There are sometimes negative connotations about women traveling alone:  “It’s not safe,” “It’s lonely,” “Are you sure you can do it?”  What if you get kidnapped like the young woman in the movie “Taken”?

If you let these thoughts and fears have control over you, how will you prove your independence to yourself and to others?

I’m not saying you should just ignore them.

Certainly, take them into consideration and do thorough research about the places you are visiting to make conscious decisions.

Don’t walk alone at night, visit dark alleys, or get drunk with strangers.  In general, just be aware. Open your eyes, travel smart!

Proving them wrong and returning back home safe will make you feel all the more powerful.


You will learn so much about yourself – your skills, your courage, what you love, and what you don’t love.  You will meet the real you.

If you don’t like the place, you can leave but if you love it, you can stay.  The decision will be your own. You have control over the entire situation.  You have power.

There will be challenges and it is best if you prepare, research thoroughly, and prepare for your safety. However, don’t be too uptight.  The point of traveling alone is so that you can do whatever you want. Just make sure you are not doing anything dangerous just for thrills.

Travel at your own terms, at your own pace, eat what you want, splurge all you want, and do what you can’t when you’re at home.  Enjoy yourself but also know your boundaries.

Now that we are still in a pandemic and vaccines do not protect you from it 100%, always follow coronavirus safety guidelines. Wear a mask, bring a pocket-sized alcohol spray, and maintain a safe distance from people.

Always be mindful of your surroundings because let’s face it, the world is a scary place, and those who know how to protect themselves with smart preparation are less likely to be in danger.

Here’s a powerful women’s article from New York Times about not succumbing to fear when traveling alone.

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