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Black Widow 2021 Movie – Empowering Women

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Sisterhood is our superpower.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Black Widow” 2021 movie!

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To be perfectly honest, when the “Black Widow” movie started, I thought to myself, “it’s just another superhero movie.” Little did I know that I’m going to see a lot more than that.

This movie has encouraged me to question my choices and my own superpower, which is… being a woman.

A little background on the story…here come the spoilers!

The movie is about Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow (played by actress Scarlett Johansson).  Specifically, it was about her childhood and what happened to her after the Avengers temporarily split.

As it turns out, Natasha was part of the Red Room, a covert organization that trained Russians to be spies. Very young girls are stolen from their homes and their ovaries are removed so they cannot give birth, thus denying this aspect of being a woman.

At a very young age, their rights and their ability to make decisions for themselves are taken away from them.

A home in Ohio 

In the first part of the movie, you can see Natasha living with her family – with her mother Melina (played by Rachel Weiss), her father Alexei (played by David Harbour), and her sister Yelena (played by Florence Pugh).

They were escaping the agents of SHIELD, who are trying to capture them as they are actually on a mission – they are all Russian spies, including the young Natasha. And the “family” is just a cover. They are all brought to a camp somewhere in Cuba and were traumatically separated.

After the Avengers temporary split in 2016

Romanoff is being hunted by the authorities for violating the Sokovia records.  She flees to a Norway safe house when she receives a mind-control antidote that her spy-sister Yelena sent her with the hope that she will come back to help all the other widows within the Red Room.

Eventually, Romanoff reunites with her sister, Yelena, in Budapest,  where they were then attacked by everyone in the Red Room, including the widows who are still under the mind-control serum.  The widows were after the antidote.  The stunts are greatly executed and it is so amazing seeing multiple women do that in a movie.

This is where it gets interesting and when I realized that this is not another superhero movie.

The symbolism of the mind-control serum

In the movie, the women lost their will and are like robots who just can’t say “no.” The Red room organization is managed by none other than a man, which greatly symbolizes patriarchy and how women are being systematically silenced and used by men. He is even using his own daughter as a human weapon, who is also under the mind control serum.

To cut the story short, Romanov with the help of her spy family, helped free the widows and destroy the villain. And the women, who were complete physical, emotional, and mental captives, got back their power, which is their free will.


What does the movie “Black Widow” tell you?

The theme of “Black Widow” is that women empower women, there is power in unity, and freedom in a collective.

This movie is not just about stunts and theatrics.  For me, this movie is deep.  It inspires me to help other women.

While we may not be martial arts experts and superheroes like Black Widow. we are women and when we work together, we can handle anything that comes our way:

Sisterhood is our superpower.

And in our own essence, we are all superheroes.

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