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Power-Dressing That Empowers Women

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Power-dressing is empowering women everywhere. When you meet people for the first time, the thing that they will notice is how you dress and carry yourself.

How you dress can say a lot about your character.

When you are meeting potential business partners, would they care if you are wearing tattered jeans? What does it mean if you’re wearing loungewear during a meeting? It says a lot.

It could mean that you are not serious about the meeting at all, or you left your house in a hurry and unprepared.

Now imagine yourself, in a meeting about a huge business deal and you’re wearing a pantsuit.  In other words, you’re dressed to impress.

You are power-dressing. Wouldn’t that give you confidence? Wouldn’t it feel amazing?

Now you wouldn’t want to show up overdressed because that could also be awkward. You have to gauge and find out if the people you’re meeting are also power-dressers or smart-casual people.

You want to look smart yet not overpowering. Does that make sense? It will in a while.  Just bear with me for a minute.

What is power-dressing?

Power-dressing is all about dressing sharp.  It’s not about being fashionable. It’s the equivalent to when guys ‘suit up.’

Looking sharp is being someone who’s ready to fight an intellectual battle or anything else that comes your way.

When you dress better, it can sometimes get you ahead in business or in your work.  It also plays a crucial role in how others perceive you.

When you power-dress, you can sometimes earn the respect of people around you. 

What goes on in the mind of your interviewer when she or he saw you dressed to kill?  “Wow, she came prepared for this interview.”

Your outfit represents power and authority, not in the most literal sense, but it still makes an impression.  

If you want to power-dress but don’t know where to begin or you just simply want to boost your confidence by wearing sharp clothing, here are a few pointers.

Tips on how to power-dressing

  • Dress like you came prepared

Maybe your workplace doesn’t have a dress code.  If that’s the case, you should still dress professionally and neatly. You can wear a casual black or white tee like Mark Zuckerberg but make sure you bring a blazer. Find the middle ground. Wearing a blazer or a coat and a white tee underneath is still called power-dressing. It looks like you care about what you do at work.

Photo Credit: cottonbro ,Pexels
  • Dress suitably for the place or the occasion

This is where it all makes sense. So what is a “suitable” powerful outfit? You have to consider several things about the industry and the work environment. People who work at startups or people in the creative industry are usually dressed in casual outfits. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress!

Remember what I mentioned above? Find the middle ground.  Doing so will instill a good impression amongst your co-workers.

People who work at law firms and financial institutions wear suits and are always on the safe side of professional attire.

  • Wear something covered

My advice:  never ever show your cleavage in a business setting. It can be highly inappropriate and a distraction.

A study shows that “women who showed more skin were rated more flirtatious, sexy, seductive, promiscuous, sophisticated, assertive, and less sincere and considerate.”

Photo Credit: Godisable Jacob, Pexels
  • When in doubt, stick to monotone 

You can never go wrong with monotone. Go with gray, black, or white monotone. If you’re finding it difficult to coordinate colors, going monotone is the answer.  It has always been a classic!

Photo Credit: @styleandthebeach, Instagram
  • Power-dressing also means looking flawless

Make your hairstyle as neat as possible, and I don’t mean straight. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can still style it with a curling or styling gel. If you have straight hair, put them in place by using a gel or hairspray or tye them up in a ponytail.

Photo Credit: Godisable Jacob, Pexels
  • Wear something that fits well

It should be snug and not loosely fitted. The wrong size could put you in such an unflattering position.  And…  Make sure you don’t look like someone who forgot to iron or steam her clothes.

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