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Single Moms Are Amazing! 6 Reasons Why

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Single Moms are awesome! Are you a single Mom?  Empowered women like you should be celebrated because you are a rockstar!

While it takes a village to raise children, it’s hard enough with both parents.  So, it’s definitely twice as hard for single parents.

The struggles and hardships you have to put up with – sometimes you will forget how blessed and awesome you are.

So here are 6 reasons why you should be proud of being a single mom.

Photo Credit: Josh Willink, Pexels

1. Single Moms are amazing role models

You’re living proof that women can do anything, that women can do what two people are supposed to be doing. You are showing your kids resilience, independence, and courage.  They will look up to you and bring the values you impart to them as they grow into adulthood.

2. You are the decision-maker with no drama or negotiations

You don’t have to deal with a partner complaining about your decision and your kids don’t have to witness yelling and fighting about anything.

This can decrease negativity in the house, at least coming from you and your partner.

Plus, you get to nurture your kids the way you want to. You can do exactly what you feel like doing and what you know is best for your kids.

3. You will raise independent kids

As mentioned in number two, you’re a role model to your kids about being independent. They will learn life skills quickly and do things for themselves because it is needed.  Being single means that there’s already a lot on your plate.  Therefore, chores can be more easily divided at home.

You’re not only teaching them to be independent but to be self-sufficient and responsible as well.

4. You get to do what you want with your body

You have the freedom to eat a salad or a burger for dinner because you don’t have to compromise.  You can make decisions for your body and your children’s bodies that make sense for your chosen lifestyle without judgment.

You get to skip the gym or go to the gym whenever you want to. You get to sleep when you want to and wear whatever you want without seeking consensus or approval from a partner.

As a single person and mother, you can literally own your body.

5. You are a superhero to your kids

When you can prepare a potluck for 40 people at your kid’s school on short notice, to your kid’s eyes you are a hero, a savior. Like a knight in shining armor!

From helping them with homework to helping them practice a song or a dance for a school performance, you might think your kids don’t see how versatile you are but they do.  You are their hero.

Your kids feel safer when you’re around.  They know you can get things done no matter what the situation is.  You are the one they will call when they need a shoulder to cry on during bad days, as well as emotional and moral support when they need it.

6. You have a deep relationship with your kids

No one can argue about the hardships single mothers face.  It’s often a fight for survival.

You and your kids will rely solely on one another and you will be closer than ever because you will be compelled to work together to solve issues in any circumstance.

Kids raised in these situations are reliable and they are team players.

7. Single moms carry the sole decision on what values they teach their children

If you’re an optimistic person and you live a healthy lifestyle, that’s what your kids will adapt. The simple yet essential life skills you teach them will build their character and their morals.

What they believe in, it’s up to you. They have a clean slate.

The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about a partner who has contrasting beliefs that may not approve how you raise your children.

8. Single moms are empowered

It is an empowering thing for a woman, whether by choice or not, that you are able to power through the storms and do as much as you possibly can for your children.

When your kids grow up to be decent and kind-loving individuals, you will feel extreme satisfaction. That’s all you.  You did a great job!  With your help, your kids can and will achieve success, despite any odds against them.  That will be the most satisfying payoff you can ever get.

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