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Achieve Ultimate Bliss with 7 Life-Changing Habits

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Is there really a secret to happiness? Is it really possible for people to achieve ultimate bliss?

Happiness can mean differently depending on the person involved.

Through our research, we have learned that happy people have different habits from miserable people. If you want to be happy, there’s a clear way to achieve it by mastering some simple habits.

1. Achieve ultimate bliss by practicing mindfulness

Happy women live in the present moment.  They aren’t too anxious or too calm.  They’re truly natural.  They are mindful of what they eat and are aware of the present moment.

The present moment is the only moment that exists.

Sisters, you have to enjoy being in the present moment.  Enjoy your showers, your meals, your travels, and that first bite of gooey chocolate cake. Treat every moment as if it’s the last one, savor each moment: “stop and smell the roses.”

Instead of multitasking and focusing your attention on the past and the future, enjoy the beauty of the present moment as well as the small, incredible things in life.

Practice mindfulness by doing meditation. It allows us to be aware of the present, and best of all, it’s like a little mind retreat that keeps your head away from all the stress and anxiety life brings.  Meditation only takes a few minutes per day.

Photo Credit: Felipe Borges, Pexels

There are free and paid apps that you can use if you’re a beginner (or not) such as Insight Timer and Headspace.

2. Be aware of your emotions

Photo Credit: Sabrina May,

Be fully aware and in peace with your emotions. Allow your self to be happy, to be sad, to mourn. Recognize your emotions and don’t bottle them up. Doing so makes you human.

Women who accept negative emotions are more content. Even the most positive people experience sadness and negativity every once in a while-it’s perfectly normal.

Just allow yourself to go through it.

3. Set healthy boundaries

Photo Credit: primoz_design, istock

Learning to say NO when you’re being asked to do something when you’re not in the mood or you’re just not comfortable doing it is essential to achieve ultimate bliss.

Set your personal space and don’t let anyone disturb it, especially if you feel anxious, tired, or stressed.


4. Be optimistic

Photo Credit: Pexels

Of all the tips in this article, this may be the hardest one.

I’ve been asked this question several times and I know you must be thinking “Is it really possible for someone to be optimistic 24/7?”

Becoming an optimist does not happen overnight, but yes it is possible. All you have to do it train your mind to think positively every day.

Listen to daily affirmations, read the law of attraction quotes and books. However, the easiest practice that you can do right now:  see the good in everything.  Look for the silver lining.  Believe me, there always is.

The bottom line is practice gratitude.

And remember to allow yourself to feel sad.  Feeling sad does not mean you have to dwell on it. You can feel that sadness, talk with friends, see your therapist, don’t go out for a day, cry it all out, and do what you can to work through it.

However, when you wake up the next day, (even with your eyes still swollen from crying the night before) focus on your next steps, focus on the amazing things in your life and every positive aspect there is.

5. Achieve ultimate bliss by practicing self-care

Photo Credit: Pexels

Here’s one of the most important things to do when you want to achieve ultimate bliss and it’s the easiest thing on the list.  Because really, how difficult is it to take care of yourself?

The body is a mirror of the soul. If you nourish your body, you clear your mind.

Self-care is essentially a natural remedy for treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress. That’s why a spa day can be the best stress reliever.

But you don’t have to go to the spa to practice self-care.  There are a lot of DIY home recipes you could do at home. For example, you can fill up your tub with warm water, light some scented candles, and sip cucumber water while you’re at it. Read a book and listen to some soothing music.

The point here is, take some time to pamper yourself.

6. Have a healthy work-life balance

Photo Credit: Malcolm Garret, Pexels

Studies suggest that a healthy work-life balance is key to a blissful life. If you’re overworked and don’t have time for yourself, how can you be happy?

Remember the saying “get a life”? Your life should not revolve around your profession.

Spend quality time with family and friends, get a hobby or a sport that keeps you looking forward to the weekend. Meet new people and spend time with nature.

Studies show that nature has an immediately calming effect on people and restores mental clarity. Interacting with nature improves cognition for individuals with depression.

7. Avoid contact with negative people

Photo Credit: Spirit

Having negative people in your life adds to daily stress, mostly because you suck up their energy.

They don’t support you and all they do in life is complain about everything and anything under the sun.  Before you know it, you’re responding to it and even doing it yourself.

What’s worse? You’ll be attracting more negativity.  Most of all, being around negative people doesn’t make you feel good. It’s not good for your emotional and mental well-being.

Just avoid them.

One extra tip:  don’t hold on to grudges. When you hang on to anger, pain, regret, you won’t have peace of mind.  When you forgive and forget and you don’t let grudges weigh you down, you will be on your way to achieving ultimate bliss.

Free yourself from all negativity and give space for positive thoughts.


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