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How To Find Your True Purpose In Life

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“Finding your true purpose” sounds like a monumental task, but really, what is it about?

A happy family, a successful career, wealth, countless investments and properties… It sounds perfect, right? But some people, despite getting all these, it’s still not enough.  Something is missing.

And that is – their true purpose.

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Why do you need to find your true purpose?

People who have found their true purpose found meaning in their daily lives.

According to a recent study, individuals with a sense of purpose know what they do is worthwhile and they have total control.

The study also demonstrated the fact that people with the strongest well-being were 30 percent less likely to die.  Sense of purpose is linked to positive health and longevity with fewer cases of heart attacks and other stress-related illnesses such as stroke, dementia, and sleep-related problems.

There was also a study in the Journal of Research and Personality that proved this interesting fact:  people who have a true sense of purpose make more money than others who thinks their work lacks meaning.

What are the benefits of knowing your true purpose?

1. You will have a crystal-clear focus.

When you know your true purpose in this world and why you exist,  you channel your time, energy and focus on what really matters. Distraction will have no place in your mind.

You will be able to base your decisions on your purpose.

2. You will unlock your passion.

This is a life-long dream for most people, because believe it or not, countless individuals don’t know what their passions are. That is why so many people are dispassionate about their jobs.

When you find your purpose, your path will be clear.  Your awareness will be next-level about what you really want out of life or what you want to do in this life.

3. You will have long-lasting fulfillment.

This kind of fulfillment is so much more than money and fame.

When you know your WHY,  it is enough to motivate you to get up in the morning. Successful people connect their work to a cause and it’s the driving force that makes them succeed.

Imagine you’re a doctor.  As a medical professional, you know for a fact that there are people who depend on you, people who you will help cure and heal.  It makes the idea of giving up impossible.

When you know that what you do has a positive effect on others and on the world, you will always feel motivated.  No matter how much or how less money you make, you’ll have an immense sense of fulfillment.

4. You will experience a strong sense of aliveness.

True purpose makes you feel so alive, you will feel as if you’ve been sleepwalking all your life and now you’re fully awake!

When you have a clear purpose, your life has meaning and, if you contribute to humanity, you will have a spark inside you and you will love your life.

Imagine a life where living doesn’t feel like a burden and you’re always excited to get up and start your day. That’s what it feels like.

Without true purpose, life would all be such a blur of mundane tasks with no clear path. Your daily life will be dull.  You just do your responsibilities because you have to and not because you want to.

Furthermore, having a purpose makes you feel grateful and blessed for your life.

5. Your relationships will be better.

There’s a 2009 study   that shows:

“Purpose may also enhance one’s social relations.”

In the same study, it was found that purpose is connected to self-esteem, positive emotion, and psychological distress in addition to better health and longer life.

“Research indicates that those who have a strong sense of meaning experience greater life satisfaction, self-esteem, positive emotion, and optimism, while those who do not have meaning in life are more likely to experience psychological distress.”

6. You will live longer.

Because finding your true purpose strengthens relationships (results from the same study), people with positive relationships were found to have better health and longer life.

Studies show that people with positive relationships have better health and live longer, experience more energy and positive emotion, feel a greater sense of meaning and satisfaction at work.

What are the steps to finding your true purpose?

Find out what makes you energized.

What are your hobbies? Is there a particular topic that touches you? Or angers you? Like climate change or violence against women?

Notice the topics you are passionate about as it may reveal hints about your purpose.

What do you love to do?

Do you love recycling?  Is there ultimate fulfillment in helping friends who are in an abusive relationship?  Do you love mentoring?

Consider your skills and passions and think your way around it on how you can help more people on a broader scale.

Your skills might be best put if you join a non-profit organization that helps women who are in an abusive relationship, start a campaign or a business that’s focused on recycling or mentoring.

What are the issues that bother you?

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Let’s say you can’t sleep at night thinking about that one post on social media that screams injustice.  It could be about animal welfare, the environment, poverty, anything that makes you so deeply concerned.

There are organizations are out there and you can be part of it!

Are you willing to sacrifice?

Do you want to make your passionate cause full-time? How much are you willing to sacrifice?

Take into account that joining organizations will take effort.  But here’s the most important part.

When you’ve already found that one cause that you are willing to sacrifice for, it means you have found your true purpose.

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