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Ways to Improve Yourself in 2020

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Happy New Year, Sisters! I bet your holiday was a blast.
Here are tips to improve yourself in 2020!

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Now that a new decade has begun and we’ve said goodbye to the 2010’s, have you set your goals for this year?

New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a cliche.
I know you would agree that most people don’t get them done. That’s why we are promoting mindfulness instead!

Because being at peace will allow you to accomplish more in life and you won’t go crazy while doing it.

Besides, happiness is not all about money, success, and all sparkly things. You can have all that and still be lonely.

In this article, we are going to share tips on how you can improve yourself in 2020 and how you can make your mind, body, and soul happy.

  1. Let go of the negativity

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Do you have someone in your life that sucks the energy out of you? You are getting dragged down with their problems and negativity.

Little do you know, they are manipulating you. They will try to push your buttons until you become like them, full of self-loathing and hatred for the world. Whew!

These are toxic relationships and you should get rid of them this 2020! Instead, surround yourself with positive people.

With this in mind, you should proceed to item number 2.

2. Invite positivity into your life this 2020

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Once you master this step, everything else will follow.  But how? It takes practice!

The first step is to avoid online negativity, among other things.

On social media, you can find a lot of people who will bluntly disagree with what you believe and they will be in “fight mode” all the time; “keyboard warriors” is what they are called.

To avoid this kind of negativity, you should limit your time with social media or schedule at least one day when you unplug.  Once a week or more is a good start.  Next:

Listen to positive affirmations and read positive affirmation quotesYou can post these notes on your mirror to remind you.

If you’re going through a rough time, try to find the silver lining and focus on the solutions, not the problems, and aim for brighter days ahead.

Practice gratitude and stop complaining. It’s in practicing gratitude that you will appreciate everything you have in life. This will make you feel good.

Do these daily and you will inject positivity into your life this 2020!

3. Set deadlines

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Setting up a routine is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Routines help shape our lives, this will help you stay focused and on track.

Also, having a daily routine won’t let your mind be idle.  It helps you stay productive. Furthermore, setting a deadline for yourself and reaching it will be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

4. Stop trying to control everything and let go

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Yes, we’ve talked about deadlines on number three but there are certain things you have no control of.  In these cases, sometimes you have to let go.

Anxiety is very common nowadays.  People worry about tomorrow that they forget to enjoy the present moment.

By learning to let go, this can relieve a great amount of stress. If it rains today and your plans to go to the beach get canceled, find the good in it.  Plan another activity and stop dwelling on the rain!

5. Know when to say NO

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We’ve all been a situation where our friends wanted to hang out and we said “yes,” but in the back of your mind, you wanted to catch some sleep or watch the season finale of YOU on Netflix.

Learn to say NO.  Know that it is okay to say NO. When it is your day off and you want to be alone, just say NO.

Ultimately, being able to say NO is about doing what your heart tells you to.

6. Smile more often

Did you know that when you’re having a bad mood and you force a smile, it slowly changes your mood? Smiling puts you in a good mood. This is great, especially when just a few moments ago you weren’t!

Smiling can trick your brain into happiness.   It releases a chemical reaction in the brain that can make you feel happier.

Science has shown that the mere act of smiling can lift your mood and lower stress levels. In short, smiling really can make you happier.

Therefore, smiling is a sure-fire way to improve yourself and your life this 2020 year.

7. Practice self-love

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I wrote an article last year about the practice of self-love and how you can live an awesome life by doing it. Click here if you want to revisit the article.

We all want to help others, we all want to be there for our family, friends. But tell me, were you ever there for yourself?  You need some TLC, too.

Practice ways of self-love and find yourself, find your peace, your bliss, and fill your cup.

8. Don’t worry, be happy

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Lastly, be happy. Of all the items here this is probably the hardest to achieve but we’ve got some tips for you.

We know that presently there are people who suffer from depression and anxiety.  I myself suffer the latter. Depression and anxiety make it more difficult to find happiness without medication.

However, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel! You must realize that there are alternatives to be happy.  Life is not perfect, but there’s always a workaround.

By surrounding yourself with people who support you, you can always be yourself and vent when the need arises.

Have a comfortable space to let it all out.  Let it all out and stand back up again with the help of your support group or sisterhood tribe. This could be the key to your happiness.

We have just covered how you can make 2020 a year of new beginnings, self-improvement, peace, and happiness.

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