Sisterhood Agenda


Promoting Black Youth Mental Health

Sisterhood Agenda Promoting Black Youth Mental Health

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Sisterhood Agenda has been promoting Black youth mental health for over twenty-five years.  Starting with small groups of Black girls ages 12-17, we created and implemented A Journey Toward Womanhood, plus SisterCamp, Sister Circles, and other girl power programs.


Disproportionately impacted by trauma and abuse,


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How to Hibernate Like a Pro During COVID and Beyond


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It is no big surprise that many of us may hibernate during the COVID-19 pandemic even more than usual.  Between health anxiety, climate change, planetary alignments, cosmic shifts, hormonal fluctuations, Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), and global social-economic-political issues, it is no wonder that many of us start to shut down socially and may even gather our supplies to plan to hibernate this winter season.


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