Sisterhood Agenda

Make Friends: Prevent Isolation & Depression with Your Sisterhood Tribe

Having friends and spending quality time with them helps to prevent social isolation and depression.  Find your sisterhood tribe!  Your sisterhood tribe is comprised of those who support and care about you like sisters do.

Why You Need a Sisterhood Tribe

Sisterhood tribes are fun, supportive, healing, and necessary in these times.  As we have said before:

As you evolve, so does your sisterhood tribe.

In the podcast transcript, Sisterhood is Power, published by Harvard Business Review, Veronica Rabelo states:

“Sisterhood doesn’t mean we’re the same. It doesn’t mean our struggles are the same. It doesn’t even mean that we have to like each other. But it is about viewing our struggles as interconnected and this willingness to learn from each other’s experiences and not throw each other under the bus.

Need inspiration?  Check out our Sisterhood Tribes Pinterest:

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