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Why You Need a Sisterhood Tribe

Angela D. Coleman
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Sisterhood is about mutual respect, caring, and understanding. During different phases of your life, your tribe members will change.  This is completely natural and should be expected.  As you evolve, so does your sisterhood tribe.

You attract what you are.  As you become empowered and enlightened, you will attract like others and before you know it, you are part of a powerful sisterhood tribe.

You may first develop your tribe based on culture, common goals, and interests.  Tribal sisters are interdependent upon each other to survive.  Then, the special bond that develops becomes much more.  They help each other make important decisions, stay emotionally healthy, and thrive.

Your sisterhood tribe does not have to be large; it can be as small as two people.  It is the quality of its members that is most important, not its size.

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