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Elevate Yourself! Angela’s Affirmation

Sisterhood Agenda Elevate Yourself
Angela D. Coleman
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When we elevate ourselves, we elevate our entire communities because we don’t exist in a vacuum.

Our elevation is our salvation.


Angela’s affirmation to elevate

I elevate myself and my community.

What elevation means

Elevation is a path toward enlightenment.  You elevate yourself when you take your life to the next level, reaching higher and going further.

When you reach the next step in your destiny, you improve your life and the lives of the members of your community.

Your elevation must also extend beyond just personal benefit.  While it is about you, it is not all about you.


What it takes

Any epiphany in your life can lead to elevation.  It’s like a lightbulb just goes off and suddenly, you are skyrocketed toward your highest self.

Sometimes, you are called.  When you heed the calling, you are stepping up whether explicitly asked or required.

Other times, it’s just time for a remarkable personal transformation.

And yet, your elevation is often just waiting for you to be ready.  When you are, you can activate it by making the moves and making the changes.

Use the affirmation

If you are feeling like you could and should do better, do better!  Focus on your self-development and how you can be a better asset for your community.


I eleveate myself and my community.

Image credit:  Andre Furtado, Pexels

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