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The Influence of Social Media on Girls

Sisterhood Agenda Social Media and Girls

Social media and girls-what a combination!

Social media is all the hype these days, and if you don’t post a picture of something on Instagram, it’s like it didn’t happen!

The issue

Teenage girls form a large percentage of social media users, and they use it to keep up with their social circle and maintain their online appearance.


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Boosting Your Self-Esteem in Simple Ways

Boosting your self-esteem helps you deal with your inner self. When you are confident, it is a positive factor in life and you can reap numerous benefits.

Self-esteem is correlated to performance and achievement, interpersonal relationships, and personal contentment.

Having strong self-esteem can help you experience an amazing blissful life.


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Increase Self-Esteem By Knowing That You Are Beautiful

For women and girls, how can we increase self-esteem?

Several years ago, Sisterhood Agenda participating in the Beautiful. project to help girls understand that they are all beautiful in their own unique ways.  Fast forward to the present and that message has not changed.  The need is still there:  our girls can increase self-esteem by knowing that they are beautiful.


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