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Increase Self-Esteem By Knowing That You Are Beautiful

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For women and girls, how can we increase self-esteem?

Several years ago, Sisterhood Agenda participating in the Beautiful. project to help girls understand that they are all beautiful in their own unique ways.  Fast forward to the present and that message has not changed.  The need is still there:  our girls can increase self-esteem by knowing that they are beautiful.

With so many mixed messages, is it no wonder that girls are confused, grow up with low self-esteem, and have a difficult time developing positive self-concepts?  The images that we see and the books that we expose our girls to can be self-affirming and life-changing.  Sometimes, we need to recover from traumatic experiences and heal in order for our healthy self-esteem to fully manifest itself.  In girlhood and in womanhood, we need this!

Healthy self-esteem is not found in a beauty product, a hairstyle, a weight loss regimen, or plastic surgery.  Increasing self-esteem starts from within. It is how we feel about ourselves, to what extent we love who we are, unconditionally, unapologetically, self-defining, positive worthiness.

Our sisterhood is a positive, uplifting, and diverse global unity of women’s support and empowerment. Empowered girls grow up to become even more powerful adult women.

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Excerpted pages from Beautiful.:

beautiful-final7-edited2014-17 beautiful-final7-edited2014-20


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