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Self-Love: Do You Really Love Yourself?

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We hear and read a lot about self-love, but do you really love yourself? Let’s truly love ourselves, sisters!

As we focus on love, don’t forget to love yourself a little bit more today. And you can start by changing your mindset. If you’ve been following our community, one of the things you might have heard us emphasizing is the importance of loving, accepting, and believing in yourself.

You are an unrepeatable miracle and NO ONE on this planet can do you.

So, today, we challenge you to step up and give the world the best version of the REAL you. Because when you let your light shine, it becomes contagious and can lighten up what could have been a dark moment for someone else.

Others need you to shine your light so they can see a little better version of themselves in your light. Remember…no one is YOU and that is your POWER.

What do you love about yourself? ♥

It’s super important to tell yourself positive affirmations every day! Too many of us look down on ourselves and each other negatively when we should be lifting each other up.

We are all awesome in our own different ways. So, each morning look in the mirror and say:



Save and repeat this affirmation:

“I love myself today and every day.”
From the Sisterhood Agenda Journal

What you say to yourself means everything!

The truth is most of us have negative belief loops running 24/7 in our minds. We learned this as children and it became ingrained as our guidance system.  Get it out of your system! We’ve got to bring a stronger force than that.

This is why using affirmations the right way could be the difference between continuing to feel like you’re suffocating in an emotional prison or finally being let free to breathe fresh air once again. They’re also a great self-grounding and confidence-boosting tool.

Self-love is not selfish

Self-love is not being selfish.  Self-love is becoming your own soul mate. You make yourself a top priority. Your self-care becomes your daily priority. You stop waiting and start doing. When you love yourself, you push past outdated belief systems, limiting thoughts, behaviors, fears, worries, and doubts.

Shine on, dear ones. Dance your heart out. Live, laugh, love. Express your true inner selves, the divine feminine within. Speak and think loving thoughts to yourself each and every day. Every cell in your body is listening and responding. Change can start as early as today. You are so worth it!


Self-care is the simple act of doing something for yourself. It’s is taking time for yourself to do anything that’s going to make you feel good.

Most of us don’t have time to have a spa night every single day. The important thing is to consistently do things that are nourishing to you.

Each day may look a little different in what you do, but the important thing is making time for it. Even just 5-10 minutes a day is a great start.

Right now, ask yourself what you can do for yourself today that’s going to make you feel good? Then, schedule a time that you’re going to do it. You got this!

Sisterhood Agenda Self-love is not selfish
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