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10 Ways To Awaken Your Inner #Girlboss

Marie Miguel
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Sophia Amoruso has created a following of millennial women with the same goal in mind: to become the ultimate #Girlboss. A #Girlboss is in control of her own life, whether that is in career aspirations, relationships, personal goals and more. A #Girlboss knows what she wants, and she achieves it.

While it could be overwhelming to know what you want, and much less obtain it, here are 10 ways you can awaken your own version of your inner #Girlboss:

1. Get your finances in check.

Not having your ducks in a row financially can really throw you off course in several aspects of your life. Alleviate stress by maintaining a monthly budget. If you have a goal of owning your own business, buying 10 tubes of new lipstick may not be a good financial goal for you (unless you want to reward yourself for something and don’t spend money frivolously all the time).

2. Know what you want out of your career.

If you’re on the fast track to climbing the corporate ladder or aren’t where you want to be in your career yet, set clear goals and objectives that you can track. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and your timeframe. Focus on learning new skills and cultivate what you already know.

3. Learn to relax.

As all #Girlbosses know, relaxation is the key to a happy life. Take a bubble bath every once in a while. Write a poem about your significant other. Do whatever calms your nerves and makes you happy and full of inspiration.

4. Be happy when you’re alone and when you’re in a relationship.

You learn a lot about yourself when you’re not in a relationship. Learn all you can for when the time comes and your single days are over. Be happy with yourself first. You can’t be happy in a relationship if you’re struggling with happiness internally.

5. Don’t be social media dirty.

Cleanse your social media profiles on a regular basis. Don’t post overly personal aspects of your life, and don’t air your dirty laundry — or anyone else’s — to the masses. Creating a personal brand will give you a sense of identity, but don’t get too lost in creating your own highlight reel on Instagram.

6. Travel — and then travel some more.

When you’re learning about yourself, then it’s advantageous to travel with yourself. You will learn about other cultures and about your own adaptations. Go somewhere you have always wanted to go, whether it’s down the street or across the pond.

7. Ask for help when you need it.

This is vital. While you want to conquer the world, you cannot do it alone. Ask for help, and delegate tasks when you can. If you need to talk to someone about anxiety, stress or another mental health related issue, then talk with someone. A mental health professional can help you wherever you are.

8. Be creative.

Creativity is born in all forms out of us. Do something that challenges you creatively, whether that is painting with watercolors, coding your own website or writing a novel.

9. Help others.

Be well educated and versed about world events and what you want out of life. Help other women feel empowered, too. Volunteer your time at a local nonprofit. Mentor someone. Do things that cultivate your soul and help others at the same time.

10. Be scared, but do it anyway.

If you’re afraid to tackle that one particular goal or have a difficult conversation with someone, own the moment. You may be nervous, but what if it doesn’t happen? If you’re prone to anxiety, for example, this can be challenging, but always do the best you can.

These tips, as well as countless others, will help you on your journey to becoming your own #Girlboss.

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