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How to Deal with Breakup Heartbreak During Coronavirus

Angela D. Coleman
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Heartbreak after a breakup with your significant other is painful enough and during the coronavirus pandemic, it can be even more difficult.

There are probably very good reasons why you and your ex are no longer a couple.  In the past, you may have handled breakups by diverting your attention away from heartbreak using different strategies such as having a drink with a friend, hitting the gym every morning, or even traveling alone to reflect and reboot your life.  After a romantic breakup, we may also choose to spend more time with family and friends, and eventually start dating again to find a more suitable partner.

These coping mechanisms have proven to help people become more optimistic about life and can aid in the process of moving on.  Unfortunately, most of these options are not readily available to most parts of the world right now because they are not COVID-safe.  Not having these options available can make it more challenging to steer your attention away from heartbreak and can delay your recovery. That doesn’t mean that you should just allow yourself to grieve longer than you should.  Here are a few suggestions.

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Coronavirus breakup tip #1:  family and friends

After your breakup, reach out to your friends and family. They are still your best source of emotional support and guidance.

More than anything, we need human interaction and connection. Although it may not come in a form of a tight and reassuring hug for some of us, just knowing that someone is there to listen to you could help offload some heavy emotions that have been bottling up inside you. You can find some fun ways while still maintaining social distancing such as having online sessions or taking online classes together. Maybe you can do something safely outdoors and wearing masks.

We are all different and some people may not be comfortable doing this but you have to go out of your comfort zone and make an effort to reach out to people. Open up to those you trust instead of just waiting and hoping for someone to check on you. 

Coronavirus breakup tip #2:  hobbies

The next thing that you can do to expedite the process of moving on is to find a hobby.

Instead of staying inside your room 24/7 moping about your ex, why not start a hobby that you are most interested in and are very passionate about? Maybe you can cook new recipes, learn a new language, discover new music or even start your own social media platform. Whatever you choose, focus on it, become good at it, and most importantly, enjoy it. This will help establish your identity separate from your relationship and will give you a whole new perspective about life and self-discovery. 

Coronavirus breakup tip #3:  introspection

Focus on healing your heart and what you can learn from the relationship.

Moving on can be harder for some people than others.  Try to avoid jumping from one relationship to another one in an effort to forget the previous relationship. Although this might seem to help you in your process of moving on, doing this restricts you from looking into the bigger picture and learning from it. And if you do not look at the bigger picture through introspection, there is a likelihood that you will repeat the same patterns over and over again.

If you can seek help from a therapist, go for it instead of trying to process everything that has happened all by yourself.  We all have our own biases. Getting help from an expert allows you to objectively look at your patterns and apply some changes or improvements regarding our way of thinking and our behavior.

Looking forward

I’d like to remind everyone that healing is not a linear process.

Do not be too harsh on yourself and give yourself permission to grieve on some days, as moving on can be a constant up and down battle.  Know that you will find someone better who can love, connect, and share your life with you while appreciating your unique gifts and perspectives.  Focus on that. 

Feel free to share this article with those whom you think can use this advice.

Photo credit:  Diego Rosa, Unsplash

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