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Finding Women-Centered Movies on Netflix That You Probably Never Heard Of

Angela D. Coleman
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Have you ever wondered how to find women-centered movies on Netflix?  It is not as difficult as you might imagine.  And I am pretty sure, you never heard of many of these films.

Did you know that there more than 76,897 Netflix movie categories?

Firstly, when you watch a lot of feminist or female-centered films on Netflix, they have an ingenious recommendation system that automatically generates potential titles that you might like. So, if I watch a lot of movies with “strong, female leads,” Netflix will recommend more movies like it, just for me, with strong female leads.

Just watch what you love, scroll down your home page with your List, and you will see all of the recommendations based on your viewing history. Some of them begin with “Because you watched [movie name].”  You probably know about this feature, but when you review it closely and scroll all of the options, it’s pretty interesting.

You can view different Netflix categories, not just by category such as “Comedies,” “Horror,” “Action & Adventure,” but by more specific movies types.  This particular strategy to find unique films belongs to Netflix-O-Matic.  Netflix-O-Matic is a fun way to explore thousands of Netflix genres.

It was built by Good, Form & Spectacle, a London design firm focused on cultural heritage projects.  They spent several weeks understanding, analyzing, and reverse-engineering how Netflix’s vocabulary and grammar work. They’ve deconstructed its most popular descriptions, and counted its most popular actors and directors, etc… you get the idea. For example:

Disclaimer:  just because the category is there doesn’t mean there will be a lot of titles, but still, it’s worth looking at.  Looking for a raunchy TV comedy with a strong, female lead?  According to Netflix’s category system, Orange Is The New Black is the only raunchy TV comedy featuring a strong female lead.  Beach Blanket Bingo is also the only goofy dance musical, so go figure…

Use Netflix Suggest.  Netflix Suggest is a Twitter account and once you follow, you will receive unique movie-viewing suggestions.

Use these strategies to find obscure movies and you will never be bored with Netflix or say that their selection is limited ever again!



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