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How To Deal with Rude Behavior – the Decent Way

Rude behavior is very common and dealing with rude people is something that all of us should learn. You can encounter rude behavior in the workplace, in the supermarket, in PTA meetings, even at home. Don’t some people really just tick you off?

In this article, you will find out how you can get out of a scenario where you are being disrespected or receiving rude and unpleasant behavior from someone.


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Best Self-Defense Techniques For Women

The best self-defense techniques for women are the most basic moves and we’re about to cover it them this article.

Walking home alone from work on a dark street? Do you feel as if a stranger is following you? We’ve all been there and it’s horrifying.

When we talk about harassment,


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Body Shaming-How Do We Stop It?

What is body shaming?

Body shaming has been around since the birth of magazines and other media display platforms.

Models are put on the pedestal like they are perfect creatures or goddesses.

You see models on TV, on runways, and on magazines and you want to be like them. 


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