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10 Gemstones for Personal Empowerment

10 Gemstones for Personal Empowerment Sisterhood Agenda
Angela D. Coleman
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The 10 gemstones for empowerment in this article have been carefully selected to aid you in your  journey of self-discovery and positive transformation.

Gemstones are a simple and effective way to reprogram your body, your vibration, and your mind.

The 10 gemstones for personal empowerment:

  1. Citrine.  This is the gemstone for success and prosperity.  It helps to promote strength and self-esteem.
  2. Jade.   Protects and supports heart energy. Nurturing stone, providing harmony.
  3. Unakite.  Aids in removing negative energy and helps to balance emotions.
  4. Lapis.  A symbol of royalty, honor, wisdom, and truth. The beautiful blue gemstone stimulates clarity, creativity and inspires compassion.
  5. Amethyst.  Provides power and protection. Guards against negative energies and protects from all types of harm.
  6. Tiger’s Eye.  A powerful stone that helps you release fear and anxiety. Provides focus, clarity of mind, confidence and self-worth.
  7. Onyx.  Helps to absorb and transform negative energy and helps prevent negative energy. Provides emotional and physical strength.
  8. Rose Quartz.  Repels negativity, enhances positive emotions with heightened pure love and balance.
  9.  Moonstone.  Provides enhanced clarity and light while opening doors to inner capabilities. Provides protection, good fortune, success, and confidence.  Believed to also increase fertility by honoring the energy of the moon.
  10. Selenite.  A powerful purifier and charger.  Specifically, promotes peace and calm, mental acuity, and emotionally stable well-being by drawing out all negativity (spiritual cleansing) acting as a connector with and charging agent for other gemstones.  Believed to aid in reaching higher consciousness.
10 Gemstones for Personal Empowerment
Photo credit: Pexels, Jacqueline Kabrel

How to use them

The most important thing to remember about gemstones is that they speak to you.  Use your powers of observation, feelings, and intuition to listen to them as they tell you what to do.  That being said…

It is very effective to meditate with them and chant affirmations to yourself.  You can place them on a corresponding body part or hold them in your dominant hand.  Alternatively, place them under your pillow or on your nightstand.

A most fashionable choice is to wear your gemstones, like with our IN POWER Sisterhood Bracelet:

10 Gemstones for Personal Empowerment
IN POWER Sisterhood Bracelet, available now in our Shop

Gemstone jewelry can get quite pricey, depending on the materials used and its artistry.  If you purchase gemstone jewelry on a budget, just make sure the gemstones are the real deal, not painted knock-offs.

Good luck on your journey, aided by Mother Nature and some of her most precious gifts!

Photo credit:  Pexels

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