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Coping strategies are needed for your health, especially your mental health.  Let’s make sure your coping strategies are effective and healthy.

What are coping strategies?

Coping strategies are different ways that a person can use to help deal with a situation or problem.

Coping strategies can be emotional, physical, or even mental. A lot of people deal with a lot of things, for example, depression and anxiety, which causes them to need to have some sort of way to cope.

Do I need coping strategies?

I may or may not be needed but I do suggest using coping strategies. Considering the state that we are in with the world and COVID-19, a lot of people could have developed anxiety or even depression. You could have developed anxiety and depression from a family issue or a death in your life. Maybe, it could just be your mental state.

There is a number of things that could cause you to want or need a getaway, a way to just clear your mind in order to not only function better but to also feel better. Maybe you lost someone and that caused pain in your life. It may have made you feel empty inside to where you didn’t know what to do. Maybe it could have nothing to do with COVID. For both women and men, it could be how you are being treated in today’s world, whether it’s because of your skin or because of your gender, or none of the above.

No matter what, there is always a way to cope.

How to cope

There are many ways a person can cope with something. It really depends on the person. There are a million things in the world that you can do, try some of them and see where that takes you. If it doesn’t help, move on but you have to be patient. You may find it easy to find something to use to cope or you may not.

Coping examples

One way a person may cope is by writing in a journal or diary. Another person may cope by doing an activity such as sports or exercising. For those who don’t have a coping strategy, there are many listed on our website . Also, some are listed on Sisterhood Agenda’s YouTube channel.

Some of the coping strategies that are listed include writing in a journal, meditating, reading, and even drawing. You don’t necessarily have to use our suggestions. You can be creative and make your own. For example, some people may use cleaning as a coping strategy. Another person may use sleep as a coping strategy.  Hobbies are also helpful.

Everybody has their own way of coping.

Nobody is the same, so for some people, one thing may help that person.  For the next person, it may not help at all. You must try in order to find out what will help and what will not help for you.

For example, it took me a while in order to find something that helped how I was feeling at that time and helps how I feel now. For me, playing basketball or listening to music helps me most when it comes to coping. Along with that, I learned how to do different things and learned new things which also helped.

What is your best coping strategy?  Share below in the comments.

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